Greg Gilmartin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Training & Education

Dr. Gilmartin received his Ph.D. in 1983 from the University of Virginia, studying transcriptional regulation in Rous Sarcoma Virus with Dr. J.T. Parsons. For postdoctoral research, he studied transcriptional regulation and mRNA processing with Dr. Max Birnstiel at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the University of Zurich and mRNA 3’ processing with Dr. Joseph Nevins at Rockefeller University and Duke University, before joining the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics in 1990.

Research Interests

My research interests have focused primarily on the regulation of eukaryotic gene expression.  During my career I have worked in mammalian using Rous Sarcoma Virus and HIV-1 to understand both transcriptional regulation and mRNA processing.  Although initially viewed as distinct fields, transcription initiation, elongation and termination are now understood to be intimately coupled in both a mechanistic and regulatory manner.


After almost three decades at UVM, my efforts are now focused almost completely on 
undergraduate teaching.  

In recent years I have taught in the following courses:
HCOL 185 The Coming Plague
BCOR 103 Molecular and Cell Biology
MMG 101 Microbiology and Infectious Disease
MMG 206/BIOC 206 Biochemistry II
MMG 220 Environmental Microbiology
MMG 225 Eukaryotic Virology
MMG 230 Advanced Studies in Emerging Infectious Diseases

Featured Publications

Brown, K.M. and Gilmartin, G.M. (2003) A novel mechanism for the regulation of pre-mRNA 3’ processing by human cleavage factor Im  Mol. Cell 12, 1467-1476.

Venkataraman, K, Brown, KM, Gilmartin, GM.  (2005). Analysis of a noncanonical poly(A) site reveals a tripartite mechanism for vertebrate poly(A) site recognition.  Genes Dev.  19: 1315-27.

Valente ST, Gilmartin GM, Venkataraman K, Arriagada G, and Goff, SP. (2009) HIV-1 mRNA 3' end processing is distinctively regulated by eIF3f, CDK11, and splice factor 9G8. Mol. Cell, 36, 278-289.

Yang Q, Coseno M, Gilmartin GM, Doublié S. (2011) Crystal structure of a human cleavage factor CFIm25/CFIm68/RNA complex provides an insight into poly(A) site recognition and RNA looping.  Structure 19, 368-377.
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Contact Information

Office: 214 Stafford

Phone: 802-656-8808