Computer Hardware

Contact Gordon White for more information. 

How to Order Computers

  1. Pick one of the LCOM-supported computers to order. COMTS Hardware Options are listed below.
  2. Go to PeopleSoft (PeopleSoft Log In)
  3. Follow the instructions for entering your order: PeopleSoft Instructions (PDF)
  4. COMTS will contact you to confirm the order. If there are additional instructions for the order, please let COMTS staff know at this time.
  5. Your order will be delivered to the COMTS offices. COMTS staff will contact the recipient to schedule a time for set up.
Common Questions
AnswerFurther Information
How long will it take for my computer to be delivered?It can take two or more weeks for the computer to arrive at the Computer Depot.  It will then take two or more weeks for COMTS to set it up and deliver it to the user.
Why does it take that long to get the computer?The time frame is variable depending on other work in the COMTS offices and the supply chain of the Depot.  The time will lengthen during busier periods like end of fiscal year or because of additional work on the system requested by the user.
What if I want to order something different from the COMTS hardware recommendations list?COMTS will not put its baseline image on a lesser machine than its recommended hardware. However, if you want to upgrade the hardware that is listed, you may call the Computer Depot to request a custom quote at 656-3067.
PeopleSoft Instructions for Custom Quotes (PDF)
Who do I go to if I only need a computer component but not a computer?For things like monitors, keyboards, mice or other Dell products, you can contact the Computer Depot directly.  Computer Depot: (802) 656-3067
How do I go about ordering a printer?The University has a contract for copiers/printers with a local business.Individual printers will not be supported by COMTS technicians. Network printers are more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Recommended Hardware

The Larner College of Medicine recommends Dell and Microsoft business machines for our computer standards. Dell Latitude for a laptop, and Microsoft Surface Pro 4 laptop/tablets and Dell Optiplex for a desktop.

The current models are:

Desktop: Optiplex 7000 is the model that we recommend and support. This is the standard business unit that can be configured with our baseline. 

Laptops: The Latitude 5400 and 7300 laptops are the business models that we recommend and support.

  • 5440 model : Intel i5 Processor, 8 gig of Ram, 256 gig SSD hard drive, 14 inch screen with web cam and microphone.
  • 7340 model : Intel i5 Processor, 8 gig of Ram, 256 gig SSD hard drive, 13 inch screen with web cam and microphone. This computer has the same internals as the 5440, but is smaller and lighter.

Please Note: If you currently have a Dell docking station and you are purchasing a new laptop, you will need to purchase Dell’s new WD-19 docking station. If you plan on using monitors you currently have, contact the COMTS Service Center via Footprints, by visiting the Larner Learning Commons or by calling 656-7300 to see if you need adapters or new connection cables. Please order your computer in the meantime.

The Microsoft Surface Pro features a high-resolution touch screen with digital pen and functions as a laptop or tablet computer. Please contact us for a current quote.


Ordering Replacement Computers for use with COMIS

By following the steps you see below, you can order the computers through PeopleSoft to be placed at the Computer Depot. COMTS has chosen the minimum recommended hardware and works closely with the Depot to update these bundles on a regular basis.

If you have difficulty with understanding the instructions call our Service Center at 656-7300 for assistance.