Step 1: 
Be sure to meet the admissions prerequisites and requirements.

Step 2: 
Complete the AMCAS Application.

Once AMCAS has notified Medical Student Admissions that an applicant is interested in applying to the UVM Larner College of Medicine; we send out an initial contact email with all the information necessary to complete the Secondary Application. We do not pre-screen information from AMCAS. Please note the deadlines listed to the right.

Step 3. 
Complete and Submit Supporting Materials

Complete the UVM Larner College of Medicine Secondary Application and CASPer

An application fee must be paid at the time the supplemental application is submitted.  Exceptions are made for those who have received a fee waiver from the AAMC Fee Assistance Program. Contact us at if you would like to request a waiver. Application fees for the supplemental application are non-refundable.

The deadline for receipt of the secondary application is December 14 at midnight Eastern Time. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the secondary application is received by the deadline as extensions cannot be granted.

The Larner College of Medicine requires all applicants to complete CASPer (Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics). Successful completion of CASPer is mandatory in order to maintain admissions eligibility. Only the CASPER exam is required and not Snapshot nor Duet. You can sign up for a CASPer session here.

CASPer is a 90-minute online test which assesses non-cognitive skills that we believe are important for successful students and graduates of our program. In implementing CASPer, we hope to further enhance fairness and objectivity in our selection process.  For more information about CASPer, please review the FAQs here.


We will communicate primarily via email; therefore, it is essential you have a reliable email account that you monitor on a regular basis. 


Changes in your email, name or other information should be updated in AMCAS. We pull our information from AMCAS so as long as this is updated, we will have your correct information. We do not accept updates, additional letters of recommendation, etc.


If you have any questions or concerns about your application, please send an email to with specific details. It is your responsibility to ensure that all materials required to complete your application reach our office before the deadline.  Applications which are not completed by our deadline will not be processed. 

Interview Dates

All applications will be reviewed for consideration of an interview.  The earliest notifications regarding an interview invitation will be sent in July. Each candidate invited to interview will be notified by email. Interviews will be held between August and February with acceptances offered on a rolling basis through orientation.


COVID-19 Changes

Summary of actions to address impact of COVID-19

We have updated our admissions procedures to acknowledge and account for the impact of COVID-19 on the application cycle as a whole, as well as on individuals who may have been disproportionately affected.

Examples of these changes include delaying application timelines for MCAT score submission; transitioning to all remote interviews; and taking into account that applicants may have had interruptions in volunteer, work, and extracurricular experiences. We are also training admissions committee members and interviewers to understand how COVID-19 may have disproportionately affected individual applicants. On the secondary application, we provide our applicants with an opportunity to describe how COVID-19 may have adversely impacted their application process.

Summary of actions to address structural inequities

The UVMLCOM Admissions Office is committed to promoting and adhering to a consistent, fair and equitable process for all medical school applicants to our program. Our holistic application evaluation process is designed to identify and address systemic inequities that may impact applicants from underrepresented or marginalized groups. We provide training for our admissions committee members and interviewers on understanding bias and recognizing ways in which structural inequities influence the medical school application process. Furthermore, we believe in an individual’s right to speak up and peacefully protest against inequity, injustice and exclusion.

In this spirit, we do not deny review of an application for candidates with an institutional action or arrest. We invite open dialogue with applicants about any conviction history they may have. As humanitarians and healthcare professionals, we have a duty to advocate for the populations we serve, and thus, we do not penalize students who have been arrested or who have faced an institutional action for participating in peaceful protests.


June 1AMCAS can be submitted
May - NovemberRegister for and take CASPer
July 17LCOM Secondary invitations start
July - February Completed applications are reviewed
August - February LCOM Interview Season
October - AugustRolling admissions decisions
November 15Final date to submit AMCAS
December 15Final date to submit LCOM Secondary
February 1LCOM FAFSA Deadline
Close of interview season
April 30Multiple acceptance drop day - CYMS (Choose Your Medical School) Tool
April 30CYMS Plan to Enroll Deadline 
June 26CYMS Commit to Enroll Deadline

Helpful Links

Please note that the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont no longer has an Early Decision Program.