Premedical Enhancement (PEP) Program Overview

The UVM Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Enhancement Program (PEP) is an extracurricular enrichment program for UVM undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in medicine or other health profession.  PEP is a collaboration between the UVM Larner College of Medicine (LCOM) Office of Primary Care and Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) Program, and the Honors College at UVM.  PEP partners include the UVM Career Center, The UVM Medical Center (UVMMC), medical students, medical practices, and health professionals. The success of PEP relies on the generous donation of time by community physicians.

PEP is a formalized two and a half year (five semesters) mentoring and exploration opportunity.  The intent of the 100 hour program is to introduce students to the complex realities of health care delivery, including patient care and practice management, while allowing them to witness the tremendous responsibility entrusted to physicians and healthcare professionals. The program is a combination of physician-led small group discussions, independent study and reflection, medical student mentoring, and opportunity for shadowing in clinical settings.  The small group topics are based on current challenges in health in our society, professionalism, and the role of physicians and interprofessional teams in addressing these issues.   In addition to the small group sessions, students will shadow physician-mentors in various fields. Ideally, students will also begin to appreciate the important role physicians and healthcare professionals have in advocating for the health of individuals and families as well as that of our community. Participants will be assigned an LCOM student-mentor throughout their time in PEP, and through this relationship will gain insight into the medical school experience.

Those who successfully complete the Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Enhancement Program (PEP) will grow in their understanding of health care delivery and enhance their candidacy for medical schools/health professions training programs, including Larner College of Medicine. Students who complete PEP are named UVM PEP Scholars upon graduation. At commencement, green and white cords are worn by students who earn the PEP Scholar distinction.

For more information about PEP visit: Premedical Enhancement Program


Featured PEP Students 


Kassondra Little LCOM Class of 2025

Kassondra Little, University of Vermont 2020 Graduate

 “The Premedical Enhancement Program gave me a community that I relied on for advice and guidance as I navigated being pre-med, and the labyrinth that is the medical school application cycle, as a first-generation student. It is hard to imagine having done it without the connections I made as PEP member, with both my peers and physician-preceptors. That spirit of mentorship, and its ability to chip away at some manifestations of academic disadvantage, is a sentiment that will remain important to me throughout of my career. I am really grateful to PEP for that.”

Kassondra is currently a member of The Robert Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont Class of 2025, an AHEC Scholar and will be participating in AHEC Summer Research (2022). 


Charlotte Evans LCOM Class of 2025Charlotte Evans, University of Vermont 2020 Graduate

“I didn't have a ton of medical experience going into college but knew I wanted to pursue healthcare. PEP helped me with that in several ways. First, it made me think early about applying to a graduate program, whether that was med school, PA school, PhD programs, etc. and get organized with intention. I think this helped the application process and made me think more deeply about the activities I wanted to be involved in. Second, I got to experience a variety of specialties through shadowing, and the nuances that come with different fields of healthcare. Learning about medicine in from my preceptors and grand rounds also deepened my volunteer experiences and made my coursework feel more relevant to my eventual career. And third, I made connections with other PEP students, my student mentor, and my preceptors. I was able to share my experiences with my peers and I eventually got a job at one of the clinics I shadowed in. All these aspects of PEP made me a more focused and driven undergraduate, reinforced that medicine was the correct path, and steered me in applying to schools strong in primary care.”

Charlotte is currently a member of The Robert Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont Class of 2025 and an AHEC Scholar.


Caitlin Early LCOM Class of 2025Caitlin Early, University of Vermont 2018 Graduate

 “As someone who was born and raised in a small town in Vermont, I never really had the opportunity to shadow and explore a career in healthcare before college. The Premedical Enhancement Program allowed me to have both an opportunity to shadow in many fields in medicine, but also to have the proper mentorship and support to pursue this career. As a PEP student I was able to make connections to physicians and current medical students which helped me throughout undergrad and my application cycle. I am extremely grateful for PEP and the opportunity it gave me to really get excited about a future career in medicine.”

Caitlin is currently a member of The Robert Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont Class of 2025 and an AHEC Scholar.



Suture, Vital Signs and Hemorrhage Clinics: Co-sponsored by Vermont AHEC and the U.S. Army, suture, vital signs and hemorrhage clinics introduce UVM undergraduates to medicine through hands-on experiences.

For dates, registration, and more information, contact:

Laurie McLean
Program Coordinator


Vermont AHEC Health Care Workforce Recruitment and Networking Day

Approximately 35 health care organizations participate in this annual fall event at the University of Vermont to foster connections between health care organizations and health professions students, medical residents and fellows. The event provides a forum to discuss career opportunities, clinical rotations, and community-based projects.

Internships and Projects

The College Student Health Internship Program (C-SHIP) is for students enrolled in post-secondary education with intent to pursue a career in health care. Internships may be paid, 100 hours maximum, and can be completed over a summer, or summer and fall. Placements are with organizations or agencies with which we have partnerships, and can include medical, social and human services, veterinary, nutrition or exercise science, nursing, geriatrics, pharmacy, and other healthcare related fields. Positions are competitive and currently are located in Windsor, Windham, Bennington, and Rutland Counties.

For more information, contact the Southern VT AHEC at 802-885-2126.