Cell and Molecular Biology Core Facility: Policies & Procedures

The policies are subject to change without notice. Please review them carefully. Failure to follow these policies will result in the loss of facility privileges.

  • Project initiation, as well as any changes in project direction, must be made by the Principle Investigator through the Core Manager. Please contact Dr. Sheryl White at 656-2007 to initiate your project.
  • All users must sign in on any equipment having sign up/log sheets.
  • All users must be trained to use facility equipment by either the Core Manager (Dr. Sheryl White, 656-2007) or technician (Thomm Buttolph, 656-4549). It is not acceptable for users to train others on core equipment.
  • Users should bring any reagents/materials required for their experiments to the facility, unless prior arrangements have been made. No chemicals are to be left in the facility without permission.
  • "Borrowing" of reagents/solutions/materials from the facility without express permission will not be tolerated.
  • All users must leave the equipment and benches in clean condition. Please report any unacceptable conditions immediately to facility personnel.
  • All publications and presentations containing data obtained from use of any equipment must be properly acknowledged as seen here.