Monthly Grand Rounds 

Held at 1:00 pm on Wednesday in Davis Auditorium (unless noted otherwise in schedule)

April Grand Rounds

If no monthly link above, please check the weekly conference schedule below for detailed information.

Pathology Weekly Conference Schedule



Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Conferences


AP Slide Unknowns 1st & 3rd MONDAY Block Trainer 12:00
Consensus Unknowns 4th MONDAY Block Trainer 12:00
Frozen Unknowns 2nd MONDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
GI – Lower, Tumor Board 1st & 3rd MONDAY Month Trainer 7:30
GI – Upper, Tumor Board 2nd & 4th MONDAY Month Trainer 7:30
Renal Bx 4th MONDAY Month 10 headed 12:30
Lung MDC Weekly MONDAY Weekly Trainer 13:00
GYN Colposcopy 2nd and 4th TUESDAY Month 10 headed 12:30
CP Conference Weekly TUESDAY Weekly Trainer 12:00
Cytopathology Weekly TUESDAY Weekly 10 headed 7:30
GI – Endo Weekly TUESDAY Weekly Trainer 11:00
GI - Liver 2nd & 4th WEDNESDAY Month Radiology Conf. Room 16:30
GI – Peds 2nd & 4th WEDNESDAY Month SP Sign-Out Room 15:30
Neuromuscular Conference 4th WEDNESDAY Month 10 Headed 12:00
Radiology – Pathology 2nd WEDNESDAY Month Radiology Education 12:00
Autopsy Gross Weekly WEDNESDAY Weekly Morgue 15:30
Autopsy Micro Weekly WEDNESDAY Weekly 10 Headed 15:00
NP Brain Cutting Weekly WEDNESDAY Weekly Morgue 7:30
Pathology Grand Rounds Weekly WEDNESDAY Weekly Davis Auditorium 13:00
Attending Slide Session 3rd THURSDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Genitourinary (GU) Tumor Board 2nd and 4th THURSDAY Block Trainer 7:30
Gross 1st THURSDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Kalof Conference 3rd THURSDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Lymph Node Conference 4th THURSDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Trainer Conference 2nd THURSDAY Block 10 Headed 12:00
Derm Journal Club 1st, 3rd, 5th THURSDAY Month Trainer 15:30
ENT Pathology Conference 1st THURSDAY Month 10 headed 7:30
ENT TDT 2nd THURSDAY Month ENT Conf. Room 11:00
ENT Teaching Conference 3rd THURSDAY Month ENT Conf. Room 7:30
GYN 1st & 3rd THURSDAY Month Trainer 7:30
NeuroPath MDC 1st & 3rd THURSDAY Month Trainer 8:30
Pulmonary Conference 1st THURSDAY Month Austin Conference 12:00
Sarcoma MDC 2nd & 4th THURSDAY Month Trainer 16:00
Breast Weekly THURSDAY Weekly Trainer 12:00
CPC Conference Thursdays THURSDAY Weekly Trainer 15:00
Urology Teaching Weekly THURSDAY Weekly Trainer 7:00
AP | CP Journal Club 2nd FRIDAY Block Trainer 12:00
IHC Seminar 1st FRIDAY Block Trainer 12:00
Resident Lunch 4th FRIDAY Block Varies 12:00
Resident Mini Symposium 3rd FRIDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Endocrine Conference 4th FRIDAY Month Endocrine 9:00
HOT (Heme, Onc, Tumor) 4th & 5th FRIDAY Month Trainer 12:00
Derm Melanoma Fridays FRIDAY Weekly 10 headed 7:30
Derm Path Conference Fridays FRIDAY Weekly Trainer 8:00
Derm Slide Review Fridays FRIDAY Weekly 10 Headed 9:00