Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Grand Rounds 

Held at 1:00 pm on Wednesday via Zoom

Grand Rounds Schedule

Please email for Zoom link, & passcode


Pathology Weekly Conference Schedule

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Conferences


GI – Lower, Tumor Board 1st & 3rd Month Trainer 7:30  
GI – Upper, Tumor Board 2nd & 4th Month Trainer 7:30  
GI TDT 5th Month Trainer 7:30  
Admin Grand Rounds 2nd Month Davis Auditorium 10:00  
AP Conference Weekly Weekly Trainer 12:00  
Renal Bx 4th Month 10 headed 12:30  
Lung MDC Weekly Weekly Trainer 13:00  
HemOnc | Grand Rounds Weekly Weekly   7:30  
GI – Endo Bi-Weekly Weekly Trainer 11:00  
DermPath Journal Club 4th | Last Month DermPath Signout 12:00  
CP Conference Weekly Weekly Trainer 12:00  
GYN Colposcopy 2nd and 4th Month 10 headed 12:30  
NP Brain Cutting Weekly Weekly Morgue 7:30  
Pediatric Grand Rounds Weekly Weekly Davis Auditorium 8:00  
Genomic Oncology Tumor Board 2nd Month HSRF-300 12:00  
Neuromuscular Conference 4th Month 10 Headed 12:00  
RadPath 2nd Month Radiology Ed. 12:00  
Pathology Grand Rounds Weekly Weekly Davis Auditorium 13:00  
Autopsy Gross Weekly Weekly Morgue 15:00  
GI – Peds 2nd & 4th Month SP Sign-Out Room 15:30  
GI - Liver 2nd & 4th Month Radiology Conf. Room 16:30  
Urology Teaching Weekly Weekly Trainer 7:00  
ENT Pathology Conference 1st Month 10 headed 7:30  
Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board 4th Monfh HSRF200 7:30  
GYN 1st & 3rd Month Trainer 7:30  
Genitourinary (GU) Tumor Board 2nd and 4th Month Trainer 7:30  
ENT Teaching Conference 4th Month ENT Conf. Room 7:30  
NeuroPath Sign Out 1st & 3rd Month 10 Headed 11:00  
Placenta Sign Out 2nd & 4th Month 10 Headed 11:00  
ENT TDT 2nd Month ENT Conf. Room 11:00  
Kalof Conference Rolled in AP Block 10 headed 12:00  
AP Conference 1, 2, 3, 5th Block 10 Headed 12:00  
Lymph Node Conference 4th Block 10 headed 12:00  
Pulmonary RadPath Conference 1st Month Austin Conference 12:00  
Breast MDC Weekly Weekly Trainer 12:00  
Autopsy Micro Weekly Weekly 10 Headed 13:00  
Derm CPC Conference Weekly Weekly Trainer 15:00  
Sarcoma MDC 2nd & 4th Month Trainer 16:00  
ENT | Endocrine MDC 4th Month   7:15  
Derm TDT 1st & 3rd Month Trainer 7:30  
Derm Path Lecture Weekly Weekly Trainer 8:00  
Medicine Grand Rounds Weekly Weekly Davis 8:00  
Derm Slide Review Weekly Weekly 10 Headed 9:00  
Endocrine Conference 4th Month Endocrine 9:00  
  1st Block Trainer 12:00  
  2nd Block Trainer 12:00  
  3rd Block 10 headed 12:00  
Resident Lunch 4th Block Varies 12:00  
Heme Oncology & Transplant | HOT 4th & 5th Month Trainer 12:00  



Cytology Consensus (Daily)                    8:00 AM                  Green Cyto Room                  
Placenta Consensus (Th)                        11:00 AM                Multiheaded Scope                
Derm Consensus (Daily)                         12:00 PM                 Derm Signout Room              
Breast Consensus (Daily)                        2:00 PM                   Breast Signout Room            
Gen Bench Consensus (daily)                 2:00 PM                   Multiheaded Scope                

GI Consensus (Daily)                               3:00 PM                   Multiheaded Scope                

GYN Consensus (M|W|F)                      2:30 PM                   Multiheaded Scope