Pathology Grand Rounds - Wednesday June 12, 2024

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Grand Rounds 

Held at 1:00 pm on Wednesday in MedEd 100 and via Zoom

 29-NovRobert Wildin, MD- "Prospective Screening for Genetic Health Risks: Status and Economic Review."
 13-Dec David Seward, MD, PhD- TBD
 20-Dec Holiday Break
 27-Dec Winter Break
 10-Jan Melissa Davidson, MD & Laura Greene, MD: discussion about feedback.
 17-Jan Debra Leonard, MD, PhD- Women Are Succeeding in Academic Promotion in a Subset of Pathology Departments: What Can We Learn?
 24-Jan Sarah Nowak, PhD- Antibiotic stewardship in pediatric outpatient populations in Vermont.
 31-Jan Brian Cunniff, PhD: Mitochondrial Vulnerabilities for Therapeutic Intervention in Cancer.
 7-FebDijana Poljak, MD (Resident): Changes in laboratory results in transgender individuals on hormone                    therapy.
 14-Feb Rebecca Wilcox, MD & Kirsten Threlkeld, MD: How Resident evaluations affect faculty promotion,                             and how faculty evaluations affect assessment of milestones for CCC.
 21-Feb Ashley Volaric, MD- TBD
 6-Mar Michael Madrid, MD Resident- War is Cell: Exploring Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease.
 13-Mar Pam Gibson, MD and Dijana Poljak, MD- TBD
 27-Mar USCAP Annual Meeting
 3-Apr Rosemary Mattaino, DO, MS Resident- Introduction to organ donation, with a focus on kidney        transplantation and histopathologic evaluation of renal biopsies.
 10-Apr Lisa Lehmann, MD, PhD (host: Robert Wildin, MD)- TBD
 17-Apr Virginia Howard, PhD (Nancy Jenny speaker; host: Margaret Doyle, PhD)- Place Matters in Stroke
 24-Apr Linda Logan, DO Resident - A journey through the decades...the evolution of breast cancer                    intervention.
 1-May Nels Olson, PhD, MPH- TBD
 8-May Rana Nabulsi, PhD MSc (Head of Operations & Quality for the Pathology & Genetics Department                              of the Dubai Health Authority-UAE)- ZOOM ONLY 11am Building an environmentally sustainable                laboratory."
 15-May Jessica Crothers, MD- Vaccine-Induced Immunity to Polio: What do T cells have to do with it?
 22-May Tricia Ann Murdock-Numan, MD (Director, Women's Health Initiative at Roswell Park Comprehensive          Cancer Center)- "Molecular Advances in Endometrial Cancer."
 29-MayLaura Greene, MD- Annual Program Evaluation for Residents and Clinical Faculty.
 5-Jun Heather Giguere- The utility of Abdominal Fat Pad Aspirates In The Diagnosis of Systemic                          Amyloidosis. Master's student Alex MuskatThe Role of Miro1 protein expression in Breast Cancer.
 12-Jun Sarah KimamboComparative assessment of analysis software used on digital histopathological             slides. Maggie King- A Comparative Analysis of Sural Nerve Morphometry Using Gold Standard Light            Microscopy Analysis Versus Transmission Electron Microscopy.
19-Jun Juneteenth Holiday
26-JunGary Procop, MD (CEO of the American Board of Pathology)- TBD

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Pathology Weekly Conference Schedule


Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Conferences


GI – Lower, Tumor Board 1st & 3rd Month Zoom | Trainer 7:30  
GI – Upper, Tumor Board 2nd & 4th Month Zoom | Trainer 7:30  
GI TDT 5th Month Zoom | Trainer 7:30  
Admin Grand Rounds 2nd Month Zoom | Davis Auditorium 10:00  
AP Conference Weekly Weekly Zoom | Trainer 12:00  
Renal Bx 4th Month Zoom12:00  
Lung MDC Weekly Weekly Zoom | Trainer 13:00  
HemOnc | Grand Rounds Weekly Weekly Zoom | MedEd 3027:30  
Ifectious DiseaseWeeklyWeeklyZoom8:00 
GI – Endo Bi-Weekly Weekly Zoom| Trainer 11:00  
DermPath Journal Club 4th | Last Month DermPath Signout 12:00  
CP Conference Weekly Weekly Zoom | Trainer 12:00  
Neuromuscular Conference2ndMonthZoom | 10 Headed12:00 
GYN Colposcopy 1stMonth 10 headed 12:00  
Pediatric Grand Rounds Weekly Weekly Zoom | Davis Auditorium 8:00  
Pediatric Neuro-Oncology4thMonth Zoom8:30  
Pathology Grand Rounds Weekly Weekly MedEdCenter 10013:00  
GI - Liver 1st & 3rdMonth Radiology Conf. Room 16:30  
GYN Colposcopy3rdMonth10 Headed12:00 
ENT Pathology Conference 1st Month Zoom | 10 headed 7:30  
GYN 1st & 3rd Month Zoom | Trainer 7:30  
Genitourinary (GU) Tumor Board 2nd and 4th Month Zoom | Trainer 7:30  
ENT Tumor Board & Teaching Conference 4th Month Zoom | ENT Conf. Room 7:30  
Neuro Rad-Path Conference1st & 3rd Month Zoom | Trainer8:30  
Adult NeuroOncology Board1stMonthZoom7:30 
ENT TDT 2nd Month Zoom | ENT Conf. Room 11:00  
Debra's Office Hours4th MonthZoom11:00  
AP Conference WeeklyWeeklyZoom | 10 Headed 12:00  
Pulmonary Rad-Path Conference 1st Month Zoom | Austin Conference 12:00  
Breast MDC Weekly Weekly Zoom | Trainer 12:00  
DermPath CPC Conference Weekly Weekly Zoom | Trainer 15:00  
Derm Path LectureWeeklyWeeklyZoom | Trainer 8:00  
Dermatology Grand Rounds1stMonthZoom | Trainer15:00 
Sarcoma MDC2nd and 4thMonthTrainer16:00 
ENT | Endocrine MDC 4th Month Zoom | Trainer7:15  
Cutaneous Oncology TDT and Tumor Board

1st & 3rd -

Tumor Board

2nd- TDT

NP Brain CuttingWeeklyWeeklyZoom | Morgue7:30 
Medicine Grand RoundsWeekly WeeklyZoom | Davis8:00  
DermPath Slide Review Weekly Weekly 10 Headed8:00  
Medicine Grand Rounds Weekly Weekly Davis 8:00  
Lymphoma Conference | Heme Oncology & Transplant4th & 5th Monthly Zoom | Trainer12:00  
AP/CP Journal Club CP Case Conference2ndMonth Zoom | Trainer 12:00  
Resident End of Block4thBlock Zoom | Trainer 12:00  
Autopsy MicroWeeklyWeekly10 Headed13:00  
Autopsy GrossWeeklyWeeklyMorgue15:00  


Derm Consensus (Daily)              12:00pm    Derm Signout Room

Breast Consensus (Daily)               2:00pm   Breast Signout Room

Gen Bench Consensus (Daily)         2:00pm   Multiheaded Scope

GI Consensus (Daily)                     3:30pm   Multiheaded Scope

Cytology | ENT Consensus (Daily)   4:15pm   Zoom | Multiheaded Scope