Pathology International Education (P.I.E.)

The objective of the Pathology International Education (P.I.E.) is to promote academic exchange and cooperation in the field of medical education and research.


Program Goals

  1. To promote understanding
  2. To support international activities by faculty, fellows, residents, students
  3. To provide resources (information) regarding international activites

The ultimate goal is to produce global citizens in medicine by promoting and providing a variety of international experiences for the current and future healthcare professionals (patient care, education, and investigative activities) by:

  • Expanding the horizon
  • Increasing understanding of different cultures of the global community
    • Visiting other countries, societies and cultures
    • Hosting guests (students, staff, faculty) from other countries, societies and cultures
    • Encouraging, supporting collaboration with the people and institutions in other countries, societies and cultures
  • Providing vehicle for current and future healthcare professionals to experience international activities
  • Developing data resources to maintain updated information about Pathology Department international activities.

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Highlights :

Dr. Masatoshi Kida, Dr. Scott Anderson, and Dr. Kirsten Threlkeld (pictured below l-r) embarked on an enlightening journey to Japan, fostering academic collaborations and cultural exploration. Their itinerary included visits to Kansai Medical University and Kanazawa Medical University, where knowledge was shared through insightful presentations. Dr. Anderson delved into the potential of "Large Language Models in Medical Education," while Dr. Threlkeld highlighted "The Utility of Cell Blocks in Large Volume Effusions." In turn, Dr. Kida showcased the excellence of "Vermont and University of Vermont Medical Center" at Kansai Medical University. (4/2024) Japan 2024

Our PIE student fellows, Amanda Kardys and Mary Griffin , went to visit Japan and did elective studies at Wakayama Medical University. (11/2019)

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The three current student pathology fellows Taylor Goller, Christina Litsakos and Rebekah Wieland had the opportunity to travel to Japan for a medical exchange between Kansai Medical University and the Robert Larner MD, College of Medicine. They spent two weeks rotating through various departments in the Japanese medical university including Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Psychosomatic Medicine, and of course Pathology. In addition, Kansai Medical University paired the student fellows with current Japanese medical students to experience real Japanese culture and cuisine. The students experiences ranged from traditional Japanese shinto shrines in Kyoto to a modern art island in Naoshima and the busting streets of Tokyo and Osaka.  The opportunity was made available due to Dr. Kida's initiation and continued involvement in the exchange. In April 2017, two new Japanese medical students from Kansai Medical University will be visiting our institution. To learn more about their experience please join them January 25th in Trainer Conference Room during the Grand Rounds Luncheon at 12:15. (Nov.2016)


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