Clinical Innovations Program

googleglass250x180Health education and patient care is transforming through clinical innovations. In order for providers to continue delivering effective and efficient care, it is necessary to provide a facility with the tools they need for training and development. The University of Vermont Clinical Simulation Laboratory offers a way for students and healthcare providers to access new technology in an environment that enables them to become familiar with the latest innovations available to them. The Clinical Innovations Program uses simulation and standardized patients in four stages of the development phase.

See a list of Clinical Innovation Capabilities.

Program Overview

  • Develop, test and implement new health technologies and clinical processes in order to achieve value-based health care transformation
  • Provide usability testing and human factors engineering for health technology developers
  • Develop and bring to market locally initiated innovations in health care (i.e. health technology accelerator)
  • Research the implementation of clinical technology in patient care in order to determine best-practices of integration into health care delivery

Contact Information

To learn more about the program, contact the Clinical Simulation Laboratory at (802) 656-0748.