Clinical Innovations Capabilities

Listed below is a selection of features in the Clinical Innovation Program.

Usability and Human Factors Testing

The Clinical Innovation Program provides health care technology testing in a simulated clinical setting with actual health care personnel or standardized patients in order to generate meaningful user feedback data. Developers receive clinical feedback on the usability of their product. Supply chain and purchasing decision-makers can evaluate products prior to acquisition to ensure the best fit with their clinical staff. Device representatives are able to learn best practices for training clinical personnel how to appropriately use new products. This process facilitates the adoption and implementation of new health technology in a controlled, realistic clinical environment. The information provided helps to enhance safety and efficiency in the use of new health technologies.

Technology Design & Development

Local invention and discovery is supported through the Clinical Innovation Program. Working in collaboration with the Office of Technology Commercialization and Schools of Business Administration and Engineering, the Clinical Innovation Program helps take innovative ideas in patient care from the start-up phase to the bedside. The program follows the path of inspiration, ideation and implementation to bring about innovative changes in health care delivery that have a meaningful impact on patient care.

Process Improvement

Through complex systems modeling and simulation ergonomics the Clinical Innovation Program offers is able to redesign core processes and optimize organizational systems in health care delivery. Simulation is used for analyzing and studying clinical operations, service delivery, scheduling and patient flow. Simulated modeling of emerging health delivery systems allows clinical care teams and organizations to develop the skills necessary to enhance quality in patient care and achieve high-reliability.

Health Technology Consulting

Our clinical innovation and health technology experts provide guidance for successfully implementing technology into health education and health care systems including determining the innovations most likely to impact health care and developing strategies to facilitate organizational change. The Clinical Innovation Program provides assistance in the appropriate use of technology to enhance clinical training, design of health technology clinical trials, and best practices for using technology to optimize patient care.

Contact Information

To learn more about the program, contact the Clinical Simulation Laboratory at (802) 656-0748.