UVM CSS Virtual Clinic

avatarphoto250x180Simulation Laboratory Welcome to the UVM Clinical Simulation Center's designed inter-professional practice (IPP) in a virtual environment (DIVE). This is a place where healthcare students can learn about and explore each other's roles and then to work together to plan care, even if they are not located in the same physical space. The DIVE project was designed to introduce students to interprofessional practice while overcoming the scheduling and logistical barriers of interprofessional education.

What is a Virtual Clinic?

A "virtual clinic" is a place where students from many professions can assess a patient and "meet" to collaboratively plan care. The patient has been carefully created by a team of faculty from exercise science, medicine, nutrition, pharmacy, physical therapy, social work, and communication sciences. Student will be able to practice interviewing skills with a patient from a diverse background. When students choose a good health history question, the patient will reply; whereas, poor interview questions will be explained and better options recommended. Students will be able to make an assessment based on their interview and a review of the patient's chart. Curious students can also see how other professionals interview the same patient.

How is interprofessional practice simulated?

The student will choose a personal "avatar" to represent themselves in the team conference. Then all students will sit together around the virtual conference room table to discuss management of the patient case. All students will take on a defined role to make the discussion efficient and ensure that all voices are heard.

What students are involved?

  • Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, 1st year graduate students
  • Physical Therapy, 1st year graduate students
  • Speech and Language Therapy, 1st year graduate students
  • Social Work, 4th year undergraduate students
  • Nutrition, 1st year graduate students
  • Medical, 3rd and 4th year graduate students
  • Exercise Science, 4th year undergraduate students
  • Pharmacy Students, 3rd year graduate students