Opening Larner College of Medicine Conference Room Calendars

NOTE: You must be logged onto a COMIS computer or the COMIS Terminal Server in order to open College of Medicine Conference Room Calendars.

  1. Open Outlook.

  2. Open the Calendar Folder. A shortcut to the Calendar Folder can usually be found on the left-hand side of the Outlook screen.


  3. Click the "Open a Shared Calendar..." link.

  4. Click on the "Name..." button to open the Global Address Book.

  5. Click on the drop-down arrow underneath the "Show Names from the:" section.

  6. Select "Resources" from the list of choices in the drop-down menu.

  7. A list of all Larner College Medicine Conference Rooms will appear. Select the Conference Room you would like to view.

  8. Click "OK" twice.

  9. A new calendar will appear in the calendar view with the title of the Conference Room you selected displayed across the top.

Room Scheduling

The Larner College of Medicine uses Outlook to schedule their class and conference rooms. You will need a COMIS account to schedule the facilities elctronically. (FAHC users: you must request a Delegate account and will need addional instruction.) The information below is meant to be a quick reference. If you need further assistance, please call the Help Desk at 656-7300.

Which calendar to use when scheduling a room

Schedule from your calendar if:

You are the main organizer/participant of this meeting

Examples: personal appointments, meetings where you are the presenter

Schedule with delegate access to another calendar if:

You are scheduling on behalf of the main organizer/participant of this meeting

Example: accessing a faculty’s calendar to schedule their lab meeting

Schedule from the departmental REQ calendar if:

This is a departmental event

This is a class or similar function that may have many organizers/participants

Examples: course schedules, Medical Student Talent Show, etc.

How to schedule an event

Once you’ve determined which calendar to use:

Check to see if room(s) are available

Create a new appointment for the correct date and time

Type in short but accurate description in the subject line (i.e. CMB Seminar-Prof X; Lung Center Lab Mtg-Dr. X; Good Bye Party-Ms G)

In the block below, note your name and phone number, number of participants, and any other notations regarding arrangements you’ve made for food, A/V, etc. If you’ve requested a large room for a small group please provide specific rationale.

On the scheduling tab add in the name of the room you would like to schedule (verify that it is available) and be sure to change it from Required Attendee to Resource. You may include meeting participants as well in this scheduling step.

After any additional information is added, click send


All acceptances and declines go to the Inbox of the account that was used to schedule the event.

Check to be sure that your room reservation was accepted

If it is declined, edit the original meeting request and select a different room or provide the required information requested

Resend and await the acceptance or decline

Repeat as necessary