Should you require technical assistance, please call the LCOM Service Center at (802) 488-5553 or submit a Footprint. Our business hours are linked in the sidebar at right. Please feel free to call or walk-in. Appointments are available but not required.


The Larner College of Medicine uses Outlook to schedule conference rooms. You will need a COMIS account to schedule the facilities electronically. Further support >>

Changing Your Password

If your Larner College of Medicine password is about to expire or has expired, follow these instructions to create a new one. Further support >>


COMIS Spam Filter

Webmail / Outlook Online (OWA)


EndNote X

The University of Vermont owns a site license for EndNote, an electronic bibliography management program that allows you to download and organize your references into your own personal EndNote library. EndNote's integration with Microsoft Word allows you to easily cite references from your library into Word documents and create bibliographies.

Exchanging Large Files

One of the stickiest problems we encounter is how to exchange large files. The easiest way to do this, and the one we see the most frequently is via e-mail. Attaching files to e-mails comes with a number of inherent problems: If you attach a file to an e-mail on the College of Medicine system, a copy of the file is saved as part of your mailbox and counts against your mailbox quota. It will also count against the recipient's mailbox quota. A larger problem is that the recipient's mail server undoubtedly has a maximum e-mail attachment size. If your attachment exceeds that limit, it will be rejected by the recipient's mail server. Further support >>

Printer Security


All copiers being removed from service must have their disk drives erased or shredded. Procurement has developed an Equipment Removal Form that is provided to the copier/printer administrator. The completed form is returned to Procurement for signature. This form is then forwarded to IKON who will send a technician to remove the hard drive. (There is a cost associated with this but it's being paid by Procurement using central funding.) The hard drive will be given to the copier/printer administrator for delivery to Procurement Services. Procurement will give the administrator a receipt and then deliver the hard drive to the Depot who will arrange to erase or shred the drive.

SymQuest MFP's

All MFPs being placed by SymQuest are required to have a security kit installed prior to delivery. The kit is included on all quotes submitted by SymQuest. The security kit automatically erases the data on a regular basis so there won't be a need to remove the hard drives when the equipment is returned.

Please contact Procurement if you have any questions.

Service Catalog

Review our Service Catalog; a comprehensive overview of technology services and resources for students, faculty, and staff.