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David Rettew, MD is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Pediatrics at the University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine. He is also the Medical Director of the Child, Adolescent and Family Division of the Vermont Department of Mental Health. His latest book, "Parenting Made Complicated" is now available. Click here to learn more. 

Jim Hudziak, MD talks with Lifewise Magazine about the Vermont Family Based Approach. 

Psychiatrist Team with Business School to Develop Suicide Risk Assessment Tool

Together with William Cats-Baril, PhD of the Grossman School of Business, psychiatrists Isabelle Desjardins, MD, Sanchit Maruti, MD and Robert Althoff, MD, PhD created the Systematic Expert Risk Assessment for Suicide (SERASTM) to clinically assess acute risk of suicide of all patients presenting in the heath care setting. SERASTM is a short-form tool that replicates the psychiatrist’s assessment of the patient’s risk of suicide in the next 72 hours, in a self-report that takes two minutes to administer on an electronic tablet.

VCCYF Child Fellowship Program

Mental health problems in children are very common; child psychiatrists are not. When a child suffers from emotional/behavioral problems, the family needs a physician who understands the whole picture. The health care professionals at The University of Vermont Medical Center Psychiatry are not only clinicians: our psychiatrists are also acclaimed researchers and teachers, dedicated to training the next generation of child psychiatrists.

Support the Child Fellowship Program

Training a New Breed of Child Psychiatrist

The doors opened in 2009 to Vermont’s only Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program. With support from the entire community, this program was designed to incorporate the advancements being promoted by our faculty.

This fellowship combines training in comprehensive clinical assessment and treatment using the Vermont Family Based Approach with opportunities in mentored research training to develop a new type of child psychiatrist.

This new breed of physician is proficient in applying knowledge in developmental neuroscience in ways that treat illness and create wellness. Our fellows will be specifically trained with an eye towards working with primary care physicians in our health promotion, prevention and family-based intervention models. These collaborations will ultimately ensure that all Vermont children and families will have access to emotional behavioral health care.