Safety Planning Information & Demo videos from Joint Commission

Below are links to the Joint Commission website showing Greg Brown, PhD, who with Barbara Stanley originated the Stanley-Brown SPI.  In the videos, Brown is shown demonstrating its use w/ a patient.  Each video is brief (~5 minutes) and shows the SPI in 4 steps (thus 4 videos).  You'll notice in the last one, Dr. Brown suggests putting the SPI on a card for the patient.





Suicide Safety Planning in Primary Care with Youth and Families
January 30, 2023
Safety Planning and Safety Interventions with Youth and Families
March 17, 2022
Suicide Care Pathway Training Part 1
April 30, 2021
Suicide Care Pathway Training Part 2
May 14, 2021
Apps for Safety Planning
  1. Virtual Hope Box mobile app
  2. Suicide Safety Plan by Inquiry Health
Dr. Dickerson shares his thoughts on Self-Kindness, Managing Stress, Kindness and Dealing with Failure as a Clinician.


Managing Stress


Dealing with Failure