Mona Tolba, PhD

Headshot_Tolba.docx-1Family Faculty

Mona is the VT LEND Family Faculty. She is a bilingual individual fluent in Arabic and English and holds 2 PhD in Veterinary Medicine and Food Science from Cairo University and Guelph University. She currently works for the Vermont Department of health, health equity integration office, she also worked as cultural broker, and trusted community voice for the Arabic community.  She is a caring individual who actively works towards improving the community each day. Among her daily tasks, aiding individuals and families experiencing medical crisis or sudden changes in health in understanding and overcoming new diagnosis and complicated medical conditions, both through interpretation and by providing coordination and oversight for these families lacking the means to navigate the intricate health system. She is also promoting health equity in our community by working with several channels to connect diverse populations of individuals with necessities such as healthy foods, temporary housing and services to meet their physical, spiritual, and mental health needs.

As a member of the (HDCC) Health Disparity and Cultural Competency council, she is not only helping promote vaccination clinics, educational sessions about COVID-19, housing issues, climate change, but also many other issues of public health importance. She is on the Board of Trustees for Fletcher Free Library, a member of the Transitions Subcommittee of the Vermont Climate Council, and also a member of the Vermont language justice project.

Mona believes that Health Equity can only truly exist when all people, regardless of race, color, disability, socio-economic status and geographic location, have fair access to the resources they need to not only ‘survive’, but to thrive.