Maria Rheaume, Psy.D. 

Maria RheaumePsychology/Autism Faculty

Dr. Rheaume is a Licensed Psychologist who completed her Psy.D. at Florida Institute of Technology and fulfilled her internship at Nova Southeastern University's Psychology Services Center. Dr. Rheaume is very well-rounded in her clinical experiences, having provided psychological assessment and psychotherapy to people of widely diverse age and ethnic groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, and cultures.

Dr. Rheaume spent three years as a therapist in The Family Learning Program, a state and federally funded sexual abuse treatment program serving Brevard County families. Clinical experiences also include providing Autism Spectrum Disorder evaluations and treatment at The Scott Center for Autism Treatment, providing learning disability assessments and counseling to college students at Florida Tech's Counseling and Psychological Services, evaluating infants and children ages birth to three at Arnold Palmer Hospital – Howard Philips Center for Children & Families: Developmental Center, providing parent skill building groups in various modalities, and Vermont Department of Health - Child Development Clinic. She has performed on multi-disciplinary teams in which young children were provided with the proper assessment and recommendations to seek the services they need, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language services, and Individualized Education Plans. 

She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Vermont LEND (2015-2016) and was pleased to join as a faculty member. She uses the leadership and advocacy skills gained from her time with LEND in her full-time job at New York state Office of People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). Dr. Rheaume chairs the regional eligibility committee at Sunmount, helping connect people with disabilities with the supports they need. She gladly works as part of the Front Door team, encouraging self-directed services wherein service recipients chose what supports they need and which providers they want to work with. She looks forward to helping New York state government work toward deinstitutionalization and community inclusion.