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The focus of health services research is on a health care structure and delivery that can be applied to decision-makers and care-delivery professionals. 

Health services research asks questions beyond clinical outcomes, including delving into social factors, health organizational structures, and processes affect access and cost of health care, and the patients’ quality of life. UVM health services researchers pull data from local, regional and national sources, including EHRs, insurance claims, and surveys with the following in mind: 

  • Improve access to secondary data
  • Build health services research infrastructure and create economies of scale
  • Serve as health services research method resource
  • Serve as an intellectual hub for faculty engaging in health services research
  • Engage in nationally relevant research 


Population Partnership



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The mission of the center is to facilitate and conduct rigorous quantitative health services research using secondary data. Our research is clinically and policy relevant and focused on the discovery of new knowledge to enhance quality, value, and satisfaction in the healthcare system. Our research draws lessons from healthcare reform in Vermont to healthcare reform efforts in other states at the national level and internationally.


To use secondary data to make causal inferences about how to change the healthcare system to improve the health of the population.

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Collaborators can develop data that reaches across technologies, disciplines and geography to create an effective structure to address the challenges faced in delivering high-quality value-based care.  Contact us.