Conferences & Seminars

There are several structured clinical and research conferences which provide continued education throughout the year in areas such as pathophysiology, management, knowledge of radiology and pathologic interpretations, and basic research. These lectures represent an integral part of the educational curriculum.

For more information regarding dates and locations, please call (802) 847-2554.

GI/Hepatology Clinical Conference

These conferences are held regularly, three times per month. A wide spectra of GI/Hepatology topics are covered for the year. Topics include the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of a wide range of GI related diseases. These sessions may take the format of a didactic lecture, or as a case presentation, with pertinent review of the medical literature. They are attended by the full and part time Faculty of the Division, Fellows, Medicine Residents, and students rotating on the GI service. In addition, they may also be attended by Surgeons, as well as GI/Endoscopic nursing staff.

Research Conference

This once a month interdisciplinary conference focuses on current ongoing research by the GI Fellows, Research Fellows, and Faculty. In addition to presentations by the GI Division staff, the conference may also be attended by, with presentations from, the staff of the Departments of Oncology, Surgery, Physiology, Anatomy and Immunology.

Pathology Conference

This conference is held once a week with the Department of Pathology. The pathological findings of current cases are shown and discussed. The GI Fellows prepare the cases along with the Pathology Attendings and Residents. A dialogue of the clinicopathologic significance of the cases being reviewed is then pursued, discussing relevant diagnosis, pathophysiology and treatments, as it may relate to the specific case. At times, the Fellows may be asked to interpret the slides, and the Attendings provide additional discussion and interpretations.

Journal Club

Current literature from peer-reviewed journals within the subspecialty of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, as well as premiere medicine and surgical journals, are reviewed by the Fellows and Attendings, on a rotating basis, bi-weekly. Attention is focused on a critical review of the index articles, as well as a general literature review, as it pertains to the index article. Conclusions drawn from the articles are discussed, particularly how they may effect patient management.

Oncology/Tumor Conference

This conference is held twice a month. Its focus is on the multidisciplinary approach to GI tumors. The conference is attended by faculty in GI Oncology, GI Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Radiology, GI Pathology, in addition to the full-time Faculty and Fellows within the Gastroenterology unit.

Medical Grand Rounds

This conference is held once weekly, and attended by all Faculty, Residents and Staff of the Department of Medicine. A wide variety of topics in the field of Internal Medicine are presented by Faculty of the University, as well as outside speakers from other academic centers.

Surgical Grand Rounds

This conference is held once weekly, and attended by the Department of Surgery Faculty and Housestaff, as well as faculty in other related specialties. The Gastroenterology Unit is encouraged to attend those lectures that are applicable to the practice of our specialty.

Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Core Conference Schedule, Tuesday, 12:00 P.M. - 1:00 P.M. on ZOOM

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