Pinckney250x180Our faculty work in an environment which strongly supports research. We share faculty with our division research partner, General Internal Medicine Research. They provide mentorship, resources, and a scholarly community that supports faculty from many departments in their investigations. We also offer opportunities for students and faculty wishing to improve their research skills.

Our General Internal Medicine faculty work closely with internal medicine residents on their scholarly work. Several of our faculty members are on the Resident Research and Scholarly Activity committee. This group meets regularly with residents to assist them in developing and implementing their research projects. Many of our residents choose to work on scholarly projects within our resident continuity clinic. With research faculty available in the clinic to supervise and assist in these projects, the clinic is transformed from a place to develop clinical skills to a training ground for clinical scholars.

comarrow2Visit General Internal Medicine Research, our division research partner.

comarrow2Visit the Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTS) for research skill training opportunities.