Cystic Fibrosis Clinical Research 

Mission: Our center is a site in the Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutics Development Network (the CF TDN), a large national network of clinical-trial sites. As such, our goal is to work collaboratively with the TDN and Study Sponsors to complete pivotal trials in cystic fibrosis therapeutics. Nearly every drug available for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) today tested and brought to market through this network, including the pivotal, highly effective CFTR modulators, as well as inhaled antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and nutritional therapies.  We are fortunate to receive funding support from the TDN for our research. Visit the CF Foundation’s drug development pipeline to learn more about the drugs currently being studied.


Types of research: Our group participates in a variety of different types of clinical research, including industry and investigator sponsored research. We work with all phases of clinical trials, ranging from Phase 1 to Phase 4. We complete interventional as well as observational studies and enroll both pediatric and adult participants. 

Use the CF Clinical Trials Finder so which studies are currently enrolling locally. 

Facilities: Our primary research site is at the Medical Office Building at 792 College Parkway in Colchester. At this location, we have access to a large number of tools including laboratory (including sweat testing), pulmonary function testing, and sample processing and storage. There is convenient, free parking for study participants. Some of our studies also utilize the Clinical Research Center at the University of Vermont Medical Center Main campus in Burlington, VT.

Principal Investigators:

Thomas Lahiri MD
Charlotte Teneback MD
Zac Weintraub MD
Jillian Sullivan MD


Kelly Cowan MD
LE Faricy MD
Abe Sender PA


Lead coordinator: Julie Sweet, BA, CCRC
Regulatory coordinator: Caitlin Langlois, BA