Admitted Student Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Matriculation Requirements

  • How do I change my contact information on my application?
    Prior to matriculation, please update any changes to your contact information on AMCAS.

  • How do I change my contact information on my UVM profile?
    Once you've matriculated, all official University communication will be via your UVM and the Larner College of Medicine email account. Contact information will need to be updated via the myUVM Portal.

    The University of Vermont Registrar's Office processes all name change requests.  If you legally change your name and would like your educational records to be updated to reflect that change, you will need to complete the Registrar Office Name Change Form and return it (by mail, or in person) with two acceptable forms of identification to the University of Vermont Registrar's Office in the Waterman Building.  Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, a marriage certificate, a Social Security card, a passport, and a court document.

    If you have not legally changed your name but would like to indicate a lived name, please visit the Lived Name and Pronoun page for more information.
  • What are the pre-matriculation requirements?
  • You can find the pre-matriculation requirements here.
  • When will my OASIS account be activated?
    Our office will send you an OASIS instructions log-in email once we have received your background check and established you as a medical student. Read more on the matriculation requirements website
  • I believe I have completed some pre-matriculation, but why is there still a red 'x'?
    For a limited number of items, the red 'x' will not change to indicate that the item is complete until the Office of Admissions verifies that they are complete. These items include official transcripts, technical standards form, background check, and the disability insurance form. Be sure to designate a beneficiary on the disability insurance form.
  • Where should I send my final transcripts?
    You do not need to submit official transcripts if all your degrees were completed at the time of application. We can verify the conferral of your degree(s) via the AMCAS application.  
    If your degree was in progress at the time you submitted your AMCAS Application, official transcripts are required to confirm the conferral of all degrees before you can matriculate into the Larner College of Medicine. The deadline for receipt of all transcripts is July 1 of your matriculation year. If your degree is conferred after July 1, a letter from the Office of the Registrar confirming your eligibility to graduate is acceptable until official transcripts can be sent. 

    Final transcripts should be mailed or emailed to our general inbox ( if you had any ongoing degrees since submitting your secondary. Please send official transcripts directly from the degree-granting institution to:

              The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont
              Medical Student Admissions
              Given Courtyard North N-200
              89 Beaumont Avenue
              Burlington, VT 05405
  • Who can I contact about the Health Insurance Form?
    If you have questions about student health insurance, please contact the UVM Student Health Insurance Office.

  • I've reviewed the Technical Standards form; who can I contact about an accommodation?
    If you believe you might require an accommodation, please contact Student Accessibility Services

  • I was admitted late and do not think I will be able to meet the July 1 deadline. What should I do?
    Students who are admitted late are expected to complete all the pre-matriculation requirements within 30 days from their official acceptance date. Contact Medical Admissions if you have additional questions or concerns.

  • May I receive a waiver or extension for my requirements?
    In general, you are expected to complete the pre-matriculation items by July 1 or within 30 days of your acceptance.

    Immunization requirements must be in process with Student Health Services by July 1. If you need a waiver or extension for any immunization requirements, please contact Student Health Services

    Your provider should complete the form with current/existing information before it is submitted to UVM Student Health Services. If you need additional vaccination/s, do not delay sending in the form by the July 1 deadline. Instead, attach a note to the form advising UVM Student Health Services that you are aware of the requirement and provide the date of your scheduled appointment.  

If you do not have health insurance to complete the immunization requirements, we encourage you to explore low cost clinics in your locale and/or insurance options, such as Vermont Health Connect or COBRA. The Community Health Center of Burlington also offers sliding scale payments options and advice for uninsured individuals.

  • How do I complete the Disability Insurance Form?
    Please ensure you complete all fields--especially designating a beneficiary--in the Pre-Matriculation Checklist. Please make sure the primary designation equals 100%.  

    If you do not know where you will live when you move to Burlington, you can indicate your living address as "89 Beaumont Avenue, Given Mailroom, Burlington, VT 05405".  You will receive a Larner College of Medicine mailbox at this address upon matriculation.
    • The coverage start date is the first day of your orientation.
    • This coverage may not be waived, even if you have other coverage.
    • You can complete and sign the form electronically.
  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding immunization requirements, please contact the person below.
    Janice Provost,, will be able to answer your questions.


  • Do I need to enroll in classes?
  • Admitted students are automatically enrolled in their first-year classes; students do not need to worry about enrolling in classes.  
  • When will my first-year schedule be available?
    We will register incoming student for their classes after which the schedules are accessible in OASIS. Your detailed course calendar will be made available in  Vermont Integrated Curriculum webpage (VIC portal) shortly before the course begins. 

  • When does the Orientation course begin?
    Orientation begins in the first half of August and lasts for one week. More information will be made available in VIC portal. More information will be made available in VIC portal.
  • Am I required to attend the entire Orientation course?
    Orientation is an essential part of your successful transition to medical school and your first official course; thus, attendance is mandatory.

  • Are excused absences permitted?
    If you have an issue that will prevent you from attending any portion of Orientation, please review the Medical Student Handbook Policy 510.10 - Attendance: Foundations Level for information regarding course absences during the Foundations Level of the curriculum.

  • What should I wear to Orientation?
    Student dress should be business casual for Orientation with comfortable shoes, unless instructed otherwise (specific activities during the week may call for alternative attire).  The Medical Student Handbook Policy 640.00 - General Guidelines for Medical Student Appearance offers additional guidelines for medical students.

  • What should I bring to Orientation on the first day?
    Please bring a government issued ID. We recommend that you bring a backpack/tote bag for the materials (including a laptop) you receive during Orientation as well as a pen for completing paperwork. A number of students also carry water bottles. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on the first day? 


  • Once becoming a medical student, I now have something called a COMID, a NetID, a 95#, myUVM portal, OASIS, MedID, VIC Calendar, etc.  How are all of these credentials and systems used over the course of my medical education?

    Please review our Credentials Table/Quick Reference Sheet to help you navigate the different credentials you receive and use over the course of your medical education.
  • Where can I find my assigned locker and mailbox?
    Assigned locker and mailbox numbers and their associated combinations can be found under a student's Academic History >> Student Resources section, in the OASIS Platform. Instructions on how to open lockers and mailboxes, and how to address mailed items are also provided within OASIS. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Medical Education with any questions.
  • Does UVM own/manage medical student housing?
    Most medical students live in apartments and properties in the surrounding communities that are within a short distance of the campus. Please visit the Off-Campus Student Housing site for a listing of available housing.

  • Do students tend to live in specific areas close to UVM and the University of Vermont Medical Center?
    There are many apartment complexes and condominiums around the medical center area that are close to bus transit routes (UVM students ride for free with their student identification cards). Many students live south or west of campus; however, there are numerous other options. Please refer to the UVM Off-Campus Housing Information webpage 

While medical students do not typically live on campus, there might be limited options. On-Campus housing depends on availability after all required undergraduate students are housed and the student's ability to sign a nine-month contract. However, there is also off-campus, affiliate housing available to graduate students.

  • Do I need to buy a computer?
  • No, you do not need to purchase a personal computer for your Medical Education; the College of Medicine Technology Services Team provides you with a device/tablet at orientation. This computer is yours and IT services and maintenance are provided while you are enrolled at the Larner College of Medicine. Please feel free to visit the Technology Services: Computer Hardware webpage for more information regarding how technology is selected and the current technology provided to our students.
  • How do I get proof of enrollment at UVM?
    "Proof of Enrollment" is requested through the UVM Registrar's Office, via your myUVM portal. After logging into myUVM portal, navigate to the "Registrar" tab and click on enrollment verification in the My Verification channel. Once you successfully signed in, you also can view loan deferment notifications that were sent to lenders (such as VSAC) and any certificates provided to health insurers or other organizations. Please contact the UVM Registrar with any questions or visit the UVM Registrar's Office Enrollment Verifications webpage.
  • How do I connect with my fellow classmates on social media?
    Follow the Larner College of Medicine on social media to keep up with events, activities, news, and other happenings at the college and beyond. Share your own stories and photos with classmates: Our hashtag is #uvmmedicine.
    The Larner College of Medicine blog features posts from medical students about their experience in the classroom, clinics, and in the community. Follow the blog, comment, and consider writing for us! For more information, contact the Larner College of Medicine Communications Office. Please feel free to explore our online blog; you might be a contributor in the near future!