Accessing the Center

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Scan fees for NEW studies as of July 1st, 2019 

A. UVM Investigator Initiated $600.00 w/o contrast-NIH or other extramural federally funded, peer-reviewed studies, where the PI is a UVM investigator; or local investigator-initiated studies that are industry funded and the PI is from UVM.

B. UVM Investigator Initiated-Industry Funded $600.00 - Local Investigator-initiated, extramurally funded by foundation or industry where the PI is from UVM.

C. UVM Investigator Initiated- $600.00 - Internally funded or departmentally supported promising work that may lead to an independent grant.

D. Industry Funded Multi-Center Non-UVM Investigator-initiated $900.00 w/o contrast-For profit pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer, or other industry-sponsored research projects.

E. Industry Funded Phantom Scans will be charged $250.00 per scan session.


  • Additional charge for gadolinium contrast: $50.00 for categories A-C and $150.00 for category D
  • Scans conducted outside of usual operating hours are subject to an additional fee of $100.00.
  • Scans lasting greater than 90 minutes are subject to an additional $100.00 charge for each additional 30-minutes of scanning.
  • Scan fees will be reviewed for a potential increase in July 2022. 

Related Fees:

All investigators budgeting for R01 grants or industry-funded studies should include the MRI Center for Biomedical Imaging user fee of $5,000.00. The user fee helps to fund additional hardware and/or software that is not budgeted for throughout the year. User fees can be used to fund scanner upgrades that are needed for various types of imaging projects. This fund will help to reduce or eliminate the need for investigators to rely on their department to pay for scanner upgrades.