MRI Simulator

simulator_200x190The UVM MRI Center has an MRI simulator that is available to MRI Center users. The purpose of the simulator is to expose research participants to the MRI environment prior to the actual MRI scanning session to reduce anxiety during the actual study. The MRI simulator is very realistic, it includes lights and sounds that are similar to what they might experience during an actual scan session. The MRI simulator can be helpful to acclimate certain participants with high anxiety or claustrophobia to the MRI scanner.

In addition to helping research subjects acclimate to the MRI environment, the simulator is equipped with an fMRI response box (paradigm delivery) system, so it is possible for participants to practice study tasks before entering the MRI scanner. A motion tracking system is also available.

The simulator is only available to researchers, and it is not available for clinical use. The simulator is located at the medical center campus on Shepardson 211, in the clinical research center (CRC). To schedule time, please contact the CRC at (802)-847-2793.