The research laboratories of the Department of Pharmacology are centrally located in the new Firestone Medical Research Building and Health Science Complex of the UVM College of Medicine, with close proximity to the undergraduate campus as well as The University of Vermont Medical Center.

The Department of Pharmacology has extensive internal facilities and equipment to perform a variety of research techniques including a Noran Confocal Microscope for temporal fluorescence imaging, and facilities for HPLC analysis, cell culture, molecular biology, epifluorescence microscopy and electrophysiology. The department also houses the Totman Center for Cerebrovascular Research, funded by a private endowment to study the physiology and pharmacology of human cerebral arteries.

Firestone Medical Research Building 

This new research building completed in fall 2022 provides flexible research lab space, associated lab support and office spaces.  The new labs function collaboratively across disciplines by allowing multiple research groups to work together in combined space with shared resources.  The fourth floor houses many of our Pharmacology faculty with research interests in cardiovascular/cerebral vascular and urinary bladder researchers.   The third floor houses cancer researchers including some Pharmacology faculty.

Other Facilities within the Health Science Complex

Microscopy Imaging Center: Video Microscopy, Confocal Microscopy, Microinjection, Electron Microscopy and Atomic Absorption Microscopy

Neuroscience Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE): Funded by the National Center for Research Resources of the National Institutes of Health, COBRE goals include the creation of a mentoring program to support junior neuroscience faculty; an imaging/physiology core to support the research projects of the junior faculty; a cellular/molecular core to support the research projects of the junior faculty; a University-wide Neuroscience Seminar Series and Annual Neuroscience Retreat; a mechanism of communication between basic scientists and clinicians that facilitates development of translational research; and a University-wide mechanism for Neuroscience Graduate Education.

Vermont Cancer Center Facilities: Flow Cytometry, Laser Scanning Cytometry, Spectrofluorimetry, and DNA sequence analysis.

Library and Computer Facilities: Library and Computer Facilities: Library facilities include specialized libraries for physical sciences and medical sciences with computerized access to a wide variety of databases. The University's Academic Computer Center provides a broad range of computing services including internet teaching resources such as CATS, scanning, printing and video editing.

Pharmacology Research

Transgenic Mouse Facility: Breeding colonies for transgenic and knockout constructs


Firestone Medical Research Building 2022

Firestone Medical Research Building



Health Science Research Facility