Please download Approved Pharm Courses for a list of courses offered outside of the Department of Pharmacology that are currently approved for the Pharmacology MS program (updated on June 29, 2021).  Because course offerings change frequently, this is not a comprehensive list.  If you find a course that you are interested in that is not listed here, please contact the program director, Dr. Anthony Morielli to determine if that course is suitable for the Pharmacology MS.

Course Title
ASCI 215 Physiology of Reproduction
ASCI 216 Endocrinology
BIOC 201 Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BIOC 275 Adv Biochem of Human Disease
BIOC 295 Fundamentals of Biochemistry
BIOC 301 Biochemistry
BIOC 302 General Biochemistry
BIOC 372 Cancer Biology
BiOL 223 Developmental Biology
BIOL 261 Neurobiology
BIOL 266 Neurodevelopment
BIOL 381 Proposal Writing
BME 296 Special Topics: Nanobiomaterials
BSAD 120 Leadership & Org Behavior
BSAD 180 Managerial Finance
CHEM 114 Advanced synthetic Techniques
CHEM 141 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 142 Organic Chemistry 2
CHEM 241 Advanced Organic Chemistry I
CLBI 301 Cell Biology
CS 395 Data Lab
CSD 281 Intro Cognitive Neuroscience
CSYS 300 Principles of Complex Systems
CTS 302 Quality in Health Care
CTS 305 Cell to Society I
CTS 306 Cell to Society
CTS 307 Cell to Society
CTS 310 Conduct Clin&Translational Reserch
CTS 315 Report Clin&Translational Res
CTS 320 Analyze Clin&Translational Research
DPT 407 Pharmacology and Nutrition
MLS 310 Advanced Immunobiology
MLS 397 Clinical Leadership & Management
MMG 101 Microbiol & Infectious Disease
MMG 201 Molecular cloning
MMG 225 Eukaryotic Virology
MMG 232 QR: Methods in Bioinformatics
MPBP 301 Physiology
MPBP 330 Biomedical Grantsmanship
NFS 203 Food Microbiology
NSCI 280 Glia: Not Just Neuron Glue
NSCI 295 BG Behavioral Genetics
NSCI 295 CN Complex Network Suystems in Bio
NSCI 327 Responsible Conduct in Research
NSCI 328 Techniques in Microscopy
NSCI 395_A Intro to Functional Neuroimaging
NSCI 395_MN1 Med neuro part 1
NSCI 395_MN2 Med neuro part 2
NSCI 395A Neuro anatomy
PBIO 294 Ecological Modeling (a course on the programing language R using it for data analysis)
PH 196 Careers in Public Health
PH 301 Public Health & Health Policy
PH 302 Epidemiology I
PH 303 Biostatistics I
PH 322 One Health: Zoonoses
PH 325 Investgating Disease Outbreaks
PH 326 Legal Issues in Health Care
PHRM 200 Medical Cannabis
PHRM 201 Introduction to Pharmacology
PHRM 240 Molecules & Medicine
PHRM 272 Toxicology
PHRM 290 Topics Molecular&Cell Pharm
PHRM 302 Pharmacological Techniques
PHRM 305 Milestones in Pharmacology
PHRM 308 S.T.-Integrative Pharmacology
PHRM 373 Readings in Pharmacology
PHRM 381 Pharmacology Seminar
PSYS 170 Abnormal Psychology
PSYS 212 Cognition
PSYS 216 Psychopharmacology
PSYS 218 Hormones and Behavior
PSYS 316 Neuropsychopharmacology
PSYS 395 Strange Brains
RAD 396 Human Anatomy
STAT 195 Intermediate Special Topics
STAT 200 Med Biostat&Epidemiology
STAT 201 Stat Computing&Data Anlysis
STAT 211 Statistical Methods I
STAT 221 Statistical Methods II
SURG 302 Introduction to Flow Cytometry