Student Interest Groups

Getting involved with interest groups is a great way for students to learn more about various careers in medicine. Students can connect with faculty, community physicians, residents, and senior medical students to learn more about career options, research and educational opportunities, shadowing opportunities, and even residency application tips.

Please contact the Larner College of Medicine (LCOM) Student Council with any questions regarding student interest groups (SIGs).

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Medical Specialties

Anatomy Student Interest Group

The purpose of the Anatomy SIG is to continue medical students’ anatomy education to help prepare them for STEP 1, clerkship, and beyond. The Anatomy SIG will host an optional anatomy review session every month for post-FoCS students, and anyone else who would like to come for review of important, foundational, and high-yield anatomy topics. We hope to involve the anatomists and medical students to develop other educational opportunities and activities so that students can develop and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of anatomy.

Anesthesiology Student Interest Group (ASIG)

The Anesthesiology Student Interest Group raises students' awareness about the field by presenting a range of events throughout the year. Previous events include faculty panels, informal resident Q&A, guest lectures, clinical skills practicum, and journal club. The group facilitates faculty shadowing opportunities and residency advising for interested students.

Cardiology Student Interest Group (CSIG)

The goal of the Cardiology Student Interest Group is to expose students to the field of cardiology while early in their training. The group will provide opportunities for students to meet cardiology attending physicians and fellows, offer clinical training sessions, and provide shadowing opportunities for hands-on experience in the field of cardiology. It is the group's goal to foster a supportive environment where students could learn and further their interest within the realm of cardiology.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Student Interest Group

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Student Interest Group is dedicated to making careers in cardiac and thoracic surgery accessible to all Larner College of Medicine students. Educational experiences such as suturing clinics, knot-tying workshops, OR shadowing, and student journal clubs will aid in developing the skills and knowledge base necessary for a future in cardiothoracic surgery. Specialty interest and professional mentorship with faculty will be additionally supported through case presentations and residency application panels.

Dermatology Student Interest Group

The Dermatology Student Interest group will increase interaction between attending physicians, residents and med students. It will provide an avenue for students interested in dermatology to find out more about the practice of dermatology. Though panels and lunch meetings, this group will provide information to medical students about pursuing a career in dermatology. 3rd and 4th year students in the SIG will be able to offer advice to 1st and 2nd year students about coursework, research, clerkship, and 4th year electives. The information will obviously be valuable for students who are interested in dermatology, but may also be interesting for students interested in primary care.

Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group is for anyone interested in Emergency Medicine. Our goal is to bring people together with a common interest and hold events that allow students to learn more about Emergency Medicine. EMIG provides students with access to IV, suturing, splinting, and ultrasound clinics. Our group is connected with EM research going on at UVM. We also provide students with access to shadowing and attending schedules at The University of Vermont Medical Center Emergency Department.

Family Medicine Student Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is a student run organization, which seeks to provide a forum where medical students interested in family medicine learn about, address, celebrate, and integrate themselves into this dynamic specialty. The FMIG group sponsors speakers during Primary Care Week, organizes procedure clinics, hosts brown bag lunches on a topics of key interest to members, and organizes an annual Family Medicine Picnic to welcome new students. Students identify a project each year to support the community. Student members participate at the statewide Vermont Academy of Family Physicians annual meeting and board meetings, regionally at the Family Medicine Education Consortium Meeting, the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) national meeting, and at the AAFP's National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students.

Hematology/Oncology Student Interest Group

The Hematology/Oncology SIG aims to expose students to the field, as well as facilitate shadowing, observation of procedures, and provide opportunities for giving back and forming meaningful relationships with patients and their families.

Internal Medicine Student Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) is dedicated to providing information and clinical opportunities to students interested in a career in diagnosing and treating adults. We organize opportunities for medical students including shadowing opportunities with IM physicians, oncology patient visitation, clinical skills simulation event in the Simulation Center with IM residents, and a barbecue with IM faculty. We also organize many "what is the diagnosis?" case presentation workshops, specialty talks corresponding with the curriculum, and a research panel of faculty looking for medical students to contribute to their research.

Lifestyle Medicine Student Interest Group

Lifestyle medicine seeks to address the root causes of disease with evidence-based therapies in lifestyle behaviors such as diet, exercise, sleep, social connectivity, and stress reduction. The best thing about it – aside from preventing and reversing chronic disease in your patients – is that it transcends any one particular medical specialty! The American College of Lifestyle Medicine offers assistance and opportunities for medical students interested in this field.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

SIGN is part of a network of more than 150 medical school chapters across North America. We strive to foster interest in neurology and provide a wealth of information on clinical, research, and service activities in the field. We aim to disseminate knowledge about various neurological pathologies and the most up-to-date research in Neurology, as well as functioning as a liaison for UVM medical students and American Academy of Neurology. SIGN is directed by Dr. Ann Augustine, Attending Neurologist and Associate Professor of Sleep Medicine. We host many exciting events, including series of neurology lectures, Q&A sessions with patients with neurological disorders, clinical case reviews, and discussions about cutting edge topics in neuroscience. Feel free to like/join us in Facebook!

Neurosurgery Student Interest Group

The Neurosurgery Student Interest Group is devoted to helping students learn more about the field of Neurosurgery. Interested students will be given the opportunity to work more closely with attendings and residents at morning conferences, in the OR, and clinic. Through journal clubs, micro-suturing workshops, knot-tying workshops, and case-study presentations, students can fully experience this complex field and develop an understanding of what a career in neurosurgery entails.

Obstetrics/Gynecology Student Interest Group

The OB/GYN student interest group is dedicated to helping medical students learn about the field of OB/GYN and the diverse opportunities it provides. We will work closely with physicians in the community to gain hands-on experience, explore topics related to OB/GYN, and learn about matching in OB/GYN residencies. We hold regular procedural simulations/ trainings and provide panel and small group discussions on cases and topics relevant to OB/GYN and women’s health.

Ophthalmology Student Interest Group

Ophthalmology is a constantly evolving and highly rewarding specialty. The goals of the Ophthalmology SIG are to introduce the field to medical students and provide important insights into ophthalmology as a specialty and as a career. We aim to achieve this by combining a small series of educational clinics that demonstrate the ophthalmic exam, journal clubs that explore the current state of research and treatment developments, and Q&A panels with ophthalmology residents and faculty. We also facilitate shadowing opportunities so students witness ophthalmology in clinical practice.

Orthopaedics Student Interest Group (OSIG)

The Orthopaedic Student Interest Group provides students with opportunities to further their knowledge and understanding of the field of orthopaedics outside of the classroom. The overall goal is to promote an interest in orthopaedics and to provide educational experiences for those interested. We host events with residents and attendings involving topics such as how to read and present orthopaedic radiographic images, what injuries are commonly seen in orthopaedics , and how such injuries are treated. The OSIG puts on combined and "hands on" learning events in order to promote an understanding of how healthcare professionals from multiple fields come together to provide the highest quality of care to patients.

Otolaryngology Student Interest Group

The Otolaryngology SIG aims to help those interested in the field get connected to faculty and physicians in the department. Students will get opportunities to conduct case reviews with faculty/physicians as well as participate in other sessions that will enhance their skill levels and be more competitive applicants in this specialty.

Pathology Interest Group (PIG)

The Medical Student Pathology Interest Group (PIG) was formed to engage medical students who might be interested in a career in Pathology, the study of disease. The group typically meets several times each semester to take tours of different areas of pathology, have panel lunches with pathologists and residents and go on fun outings such as apple picking with pathologists. These activities allow student to interact with members of the pathology department and gain a greater understanding of the role of pathologists in medicine as a whole and pathology as a career.

Pediatrics Student Interest Group (PSIG)

The Pediatrics SIG holds activities focused on connecting with Pediatrics faculty members and physicians, as well as learning skills associated with treating and interacting with pediatric patients and their families. A variety of community service and social events are offered in conjunction with faculty at The University of Vermont Children's Hospital. Recent events include a bake sale to fund raise for the Children’s Hospital, Saturday morning rounds with a pediatric attending, a pediatric physical exam skills session, and a potluck for students, residents, and faculty. Our goal is to provide learning and networking opportunities to foster interest and connections within the field.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Student Interest Group

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Student Interest Group was established to create interest in PRS, get students to publish on PRS related topics, get students to interact with faculty, and create long lasting professional relationships with UVM PRS alumni.

Psychiatry Student Interest Group

The Psychiatry SIG was established to expose students to peers with similar interests and to the field of Psychiatry as a whole. The goals of the Psychiatry SIG are to connect students to mentors, career guidance, and shadowing opportunities both here at UVM and nationally through psychSIGN. The Psychiatry SIG also helps its members obtain APA memberships. In addition, the Psychiatry SIG hosts guest lecturers, resident panels, and journal discussions throughout the academic year.

PM&R and Sports Medicine Student Interest Group

The Physiatry and Sports Medicine SIG seeks to raise awareness and provide opportunities for medical students to participate in workshops and discussions related to musculoskeletal medicine, spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, pediatric rehabilitation, prosthetics/orthotics, and other rehabilitation related topics.

Radiology and Interventional Radiology Student Interest Group (RSIG)

The goal of the Radiology Student Interest Group (RSIG) is to serve as liaison between Larner College of Medicine students and The University of Vermont Medical Center's Department of Radiology by providing a broad range of academic and pre-professional support services. Throughout each year, RSIG hosts multiple case-based imaging tutorials with current radiology residents and an annual research fair. Through these events and others, RSIG strives to provide a convenient avenue by which interested students can learn more about active or upcoming academic and clinical opportunities within the Department of Radiology, and to encourage active participation through research and clinical elective experiences.

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group (SIG) was formed in 1996 and is comprised of a group of medical students interested in learning more about careers in surgery. The SIG plays an important role in allowing students to gain insight into what the life of a surgeon is like and what it takes to become a surgeon from both an academic standpoint as well as a personal standpoint. One of the strengths of the SIG is the support from all the attending surgeons and residents at The University of Vermont Medical Center. Through surgical skill clinics and other events hosted by the SIG, students are able to interact with the surgical faculty and create contacts for operating room and other clinical shadowing. Ultimately the SIG hopes to assist students in finding appropriate mentorship from the faculty of the surgery department for inspiration and guidance to a future career in surgery. Mission Statement: Promote surgery as a professional career for medical students.

Urology Student Interest Group

The goal of the Urology Student Interest Group (USIG) is to expand medical student exposure to the field of urology, which is not a required rotation during clerkships and has an early match. Broadly speaking, urologists focus on the surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract and male genital tract. The USIG is committed to providing students with mentorship and shadowing opportunities in the medical school, summer research guidance, and information on the uniquely early match and residency application of urology programs. With subspecialties from pediatric urology and oncology to renal transplantation and female reconstructive surgery, urology has something for everyone. If you’ve never given urology much thought beyond kidney stones, come to a meeting and check it out!

Vascular Surgery Student Interest Group

The Vascular Surgery SIG provides information, experience, and resources to LCOM students interested in vascular surgery. It fosters opportunities to learn about the specialty, practice surgical skills, interface with attendings, fellows, and residents, and participate in research. This allows students earlier and greater exposure to the subspecialty, otherwise seen only briefly later in their schooling. The SIG is a source of information and career planning for students interested in applying to surgical residencies, vascular fellowships such as the one at UVMMC, and integrated vascular residencies.

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National Organizations

American Medical Association (AMA) - Medical Student Section

The UVM Chapter of the Medical Student Section of the American Medical Associaion is an advocacy and service group affiliated with the American Medical Association (AMA).  The group provides students with the opportunities to attend regional and national AMA meetings as well as those of the Vermont Medical Association.  They also participate in a number of community service related activities such as the AMA’s “Doctor’s Back to School” programs and provide a resource to other medically interested individuals.  The AMA UVM Chapter strives to help UVM build a strong community and give students the ability to become more involved in medicine on the national level as well.

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

Despite the extraordinary progress women have made in medicine over the last 150 years, there continues to be a pressing need for female role models and mentors, as well as increased study of women's health issues. Since 1915, the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) has been working to address these issues by serving as the voice of women's health for the advancement of women in medicine. Medical students can help preserve and advance the accomplishments already achieved by banding together to expand and strengthen organizational systems such as AMWA. In AMWA, students establish a network for women in medicine and provide professional and financial support for female students as they study, train, and begin their careers.

American Muslim Medical Students Association (AMMSA)

The American Muslim Medical Students Association (AMMSA) is a student-led organization welcoming all students, physicians, and leaders to explore the inherent intersection between Islam and medicine. Islam’s fundamental values of intellectual curiosity, service and excellence have motivated thousands of American Muslims to pursue careers as physicians. AMMSA’s goal is to facilitate growth in American Muslim medical students by providing opportunities for excellence in spiritual growth, professional development, and community building. LCOM’s AMMSA Chapter will empower our community to deliver culturally humble, compassionate, and patient-centered care tailored to the needs of Muslim patients and their families. LCOM’s AMMSA Chapter will advocate for and help foster a community around their shared faith to support the needs of students, residents, and faculty at LCOM throughout their medical education. Our chapter will strive to organize events in collaboration with other interfaith organizations and affinity groups, fostering a spirit of unity and inclusivity. It will also serve as a point of contact to the broader Muslim communities at UVM, Muslim applicants to LCOM and across Vermont.

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association (APAMSA), UVM Larner COM Chapter

APAMSA is a national network of 90 different medical schools in the United States. We aim to provide a public platform for Asian American and Pacific Islander medical students to meet, exchange experiences, and develop personally and professionally. We strive to promote the health and wellbeing of Asian and Pacific Islander communities, and educate healthcare providers who work with such patients in a culturally sensitive manner. Ongoing APAMSA projects include Hepatitis B Education and Immunization Project, Bone Marrow Donation Project, as well as campaigns targeting tobacco and alcohol abuse in the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Additionally, national conferences are held annually and have taken place in Washington University School of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Case Western Reserve University, Columbia University Medical Center, spanning themes such as “The Plurality of Others,” “Caring for Communities: Health Equity, Leadership, and Innovation,” “Changing Perspectives: Patient and Provider Priorities,” “Leadership and Health Initiatives of Asian American Population,” and “Aging and Wellness in the API Communities.” Specifically, the APAMSA Chapter at UVM Larner College of Medicine will serve as a forum and conduit for discussion, activism, and professional and leadership development through pan-ethnic events, conference attendance, and provide connections to mentors in specialties we wish to pursue.

Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) Student Interest Group

The UVM Chapter of Association of Women Surgeons (AWS) is a new organization focused on introducing female medical students to the dynamic careers within General Surgery and various surgical subspecialties. Our theme is "Finding Your Mentor," with the goal of creating long lasting relationships between leading women surgeons and the next generation that aspires to follow in their footsteps.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance

The purpose of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance is to foster a nurturing and supportive environment for students identifying with the sexuality and gender spectrums and their allies, and to ensure all students have the skills and resources to become skilled health care providers for people of all genders and sexual orientations. The GSA is also a member of the Medical Student Pride Alliance (MSPA), serving as the Vermont Chapter.  The MSPA is a national organization that connects LGBTQ medical students across the country and provides professional resources for these students as they begin their careers.

Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA)

The purpose of this SIG will be to serve as an official UVM LCOM chapter of the Global Surgery Student Alliance. The Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA) is the national student-run global surgery working group for the U.S., affiliated with InciSioN. GSSA believes that students are a valuable resource for the advancement of global surgery and that being unified in our efforts will help to further initiatives and facilitate more collaboration amongst overall global surgery efforts, both now and in the future. By exposing students to the field early on, we also hope to help them build their surgical careers with global surgery in mind. Ultimately, many students are willing and able to make significant contributions to global surgery, and we hope to be a resource that facilitates those efforts. Our mission for the UVM LCOM chapter of GSSA is to educate, inspire, and unite students through engagement and mentorship in global surgery.

Latino Medical Student Association

The Latino Medical Student Association is designed to unite and empower Latino medical students to become future leaders and advocates for Hispanic health through mentorship, service, and involvement in the local community.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is an organization which includes chapters based at allopathic and osteopathic medical schools throughout the nation. SNMA is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

SNMA at the University of Vermont Robert Larner M.D. College of Medicine aims to ensure that information about the application process and interviews at Larner College of Medicine are accessible to underrepresented minorities in medicine. In addition, SNMA also strives to collaborate with other organizations on the Larner College of Medicine campus to ensure that medical education and services are culturally sensitive to the needs of diverse populations and to increasing the number of African-American, Latino, and other students of color entering and completing medical school.

South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMoSA) Student Interest Group

South Asian Medical Student Association Chapter at LCOM (SAMoSA) is a chapter of the national South Asian Medical Student Association (SAMSA), an organization dedicated to supporting current and prospective South Asian medical students from across the country. We partner with fellow medical student organizations to organize events that foster community, such as cultural events, professional development, and volunteer opportunities. Through the national SAMSA mentorship program as well as local initiatives, we are committed to providing a forum for South Asian students in which to connect personally and professionally, both with each other and practicing physicians in Vermont. All students interested in learning about South Asian culture through a medical lens are welcome to join.

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Medical Electives

American Public Health Association (APHA) Student Interest Group

The American Public Health Association SIG aims to promote population health, prevention, and health policy within the UVM LCOM, UVM, and Burlington communities as well as on a state and national level.

Choosing Wisely Student Interest Group

Choosing Wisely is a national organization designed to promote high value healthcare. Choosing Wisely representatives advocate for judicious healthcare practices that mitigate unnecessary testing and focus on data-driven recommendations. We are in the process of integrating this material into the medical curriculum and would like to give students with an interest in high value medicine a place to have discussions. The material is relevant to both STEP exams and clinical practice. We plan to have regular journal clubs and events focused on learning high value healthcare practices.

designMED Student Interest Group

designMED is a student interest group started at UVM College of Medicine. Our goal is to provide a passionate community where medical students can collaborate with UVM students of various backgrounds to develop innovative healthcare solutions. Our goal is that students may develop projects/inventions that may enhance future residency applications, while sparking their careers as leaders in healthcare innovation. In addition we hope to foster community within the medical school through teamwork across all four classes.

Disabilities in Medicine Student Interest Group

A student interest group designed to discuss and learn about disabilities in medicine, from journal clubs to finding ways to impact the community. We will meet periodically in order to learn about the history of disabilities in the medical field, learn about changes being made now, and what we can change in the future, even here at UVM LCOM. We hope to use this group to improve our cultural competency, and to find a way to widen our perspectives on disabilities and health.

Environmental Health Student Interest Group

The Environmental Health Student Interest Group (EH SIG) acknowledges that environmental issues, such as climate change and pollution, are inherently tied to human health, disproportionately affecting BIPOC communities, people of lower socioeconomic status, and the underinsured. Our mission is four-fold: 1) promote research and public discussion of environmental issues; 2) engage with the community to respond to local health care issues related to the environment; 3) contribute to solutions that reduce the large amount of waste generated in medical education and hospital settings; 4) integrate environmental health into the curriculum at The Larner College of Medicine.

Global Health Student Interest Group

The Global Health Student Interest Group is a community of students who share an interest in global health and a commitment to address the healthcare needs of communities locally and abroad. The goal of the Global Health Student Interest Group is to learn about medicine in a global context, develop cultural competency, and promote awareness of global health issues. The Global Health Student Interest Group serves to facilitate conversations and peer education about international current events that impact health, explore careers in global health, and develop relationships with faculty and staff who share an interest in medicine beyond the borders of the United States.

Harm Reduction Student Interest Group

Harm Reduction is a philosophy which aims to reduce the undue burden of unnecessary illness on people who are living with addiction. A critical part of this practice is reducing barriers to care, as the most marginalized and poorly resourced communities are the most likely to face addiction. The Harm Reduction SIG would aim to reduce some of these barriers to care by creating a group of medical students dedicated to learning how they can improve the health outcomes of individuals who use drugs as medical students and as future providers. We will hold events and discussions to try to involve students and the greater LCOM/UVMMC community that may not know a lot about harm reduction and hopefully inspire them to get involved in providing compassionate de-stigmatized care.

Integrative Health Student Interest Group

The Integrative Health SIG exposes students to various approaches to healing and holistic care. We explore disciplines such as meditation, yoga, nutrition, acupuncture, mindfulness, and Chinese Medicine, in addition to traditional western medicine, and how they can be used in conjunction to attain and maintain a greater sense of well-being. The IH SIG organizes semi-regular events which may include guest speakers, discussion panels and lectures focusing on various aspects of Integrative Health. For all of our events, we partner with nursing and physical therapy students in order to foster a better understanding of inter-professional collaboration in patient care.

Medical Ethics Student Interest Group

The primary goal of the Medical Ethics SIG is to promote thoughtful discussions on ethical issues in medicine on every level. This includes everything from personal interaction with individual patients to more broad considerations of racial, social, political, and economic impacts on the medical field.

Medical Students for Choice

Medical Students for Choice provides education and training opportunities in the field of reproductive healthcare, including abortion, reproductive justice,  family planning, and patient advocacy.  We connect students with faculty and local organizations through panels, shadowing, simulations, and other events.  MSFC welcomes anyone who would like to learn more about issues surrounding abortion and reproductive healthcare at both a local and a national level.

Military Medicine Student Interest Group

The Military Medicine SIG is a community of military-affiliated and military-interested medical students that aims to connect students, faculty, and staff to helpful resources, networking opportunities, and physical training.

Narrative Medicine Student Interest Group

The Narrative Medicine Student Interest Group focuses on humanity in medicine through a celebration of stories and storytelling. Working closely with the annual Red WheelBarrow Literary and Arts Magazine, we encourage Larner College of Medicine community members to express their growing relationship with medicine through literary and visual art. Partnered with the UVM Department of English and the Department of Arts and Sciences, we host workshops to build our capacity as future storytellers, story-listeners, and advocates. Our goal is to serve as a bridge between medicine and the humanities on the UVM LCOM campus. Once a year, we host a community story circle, which is filled with music, art, spoken word, and written pieces reflective of our journey towards becoming physicians.

Physician Executive Student Interest Group

For future leaders interested in transforming the clinical landscape through their skills in both medicine and business, the Physician Executive SIG is the place for you. The purpose of this program is to build a foundation for medical students who want to open their own practice, become hospital administrators, start their own company, or just general knowledge. We will have speakers from a wide variety of business backgrounds to bridge the gap between business and medicine with the goal of improving patient outcomes. No prior business knowledge required to join this SIG as we believe it can be beneficial to any medical student regardless of their destination.

Queer Health Student Interest Group

The Queer Health SIG will function to give students an opportunity to explore the tenets of affirming healthcare for Sexual and Gender Minority (SGM) patients, to assess our own medical education with a SGM-critical lens, and to learn more about how to pursue community-oriented healthcare to queer populations in their medical careers going forward.

SAFE (Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic) Student Interest Group

SAFE is for students interested in learning ways to support our patients through research, education, and support of evidence-backed policy on gun violence prevention. SAFE aims to provide students the opportunity to learn more about physicians’ roles in the gun violence epidemic, and provide ways for students to become involved in gun safety and advocacy as future physicians.

Vermont Medical Society Student Interest Group

The Vermont Medical Society (VMS) Student Interest Group (SIG) is a direct link to the Vermont Medical Society, an organization representing clinicians that engages in public policy advocacy. The SIG connects students with information about current policies and new legislation. Medical students have the opportunity to work with VMS through resolution submission, advocacy workshops, state house events, and legislator meet-and-greets. 

Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group

We are a group of medical students, residents, fellows, attendings and others who enjoy learning about backcountry medicine. Our group is always open to new members and we try to hold one event every month to give the student body a chance to have fun and learn some new things in the meantime. In the past we have hosted events such as SCUBA diving in Lake Champlain, mountain biking around Trapp Brewery, day hikes to Mt. Philo, an overnight at UVM's cabin on Bolton Mountain, as well as interactive educational sessions hosed by The University of Vermont Medical Center medical staff on backcountry medicine topics such as hypothermia, altitude sickness, splinting broken bones, emergency evacuations and more. Our objective is to give students a chance to get out, have some fun, and learn about wilderness medicine with The University of Vermont Medical Center medical staff.

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Community Service/Service Learning

CT Med Mentors Student Interest Group

This group is committed to ingraining the CT campus into the communities of Connecticut while also stewarding future leaders in the field of medicine. We aim to support our community by partnering with local programs and schools to mentor students as they begin their journey into higher education and healthcare.

Here to Help Student Interest Group

The Here to Help SIG provides a monthly service day for the homeless community of Burlington. Service includes meals, free clothing, free haircuts, free toiletries, and free access to showers. Other organizations often collaborate with Here to Help; therefore, Here to Help aims to further create the idea of community involvement and inclusiveness.

Impact for the Incarcerated (I4I) Student Interest Group

The purpose of this SIG is to promote the democratization of medicine by bridging the gap between medical students and incarcerated individuals in Burlington. The incarcerated population faces stigma and marginalization across all aspects of society, including healthcare. It is important for medical students to learn about and work with the incarcerated so that we are better able to serve them in our careers as physicians. In partnership with the Vermont Department of Corrections we will coordinate events, activities, and volunteer opportunities that will give students the chance to work with the incarcerated and gain a better understanding of who they are and the challenges they face. Through involvement with the DOC, I4I members will learn about social determinants and medical anomalies among this unique group, while working to provide comprehensive healthcare.

Med Mentors Student Interest Group

The Med Mentors SIG provides mentoring and medical education opportunities for undergraduate students at UVM and other Vermont universities. The aim is to encourage and support students interested in pursuing careers in medicine or other health care fields.  In collaboration with the Vermont AHEC Network, activities include mentoring for the UVM Pre-health Enrichment Program (PEP), Pre-health Clinics, panel presentations on topics such as studying for the MCAT and completing applications, as well as making one-to-to mentor matches.

HERO Mentors Student Interest Group

The HERO Mentors SIG is responsible for facilitating the AHEC HERO Mentors program. We partner current medical students with high school students across Northern Vermont who are interested in the healthcare field. Through this program, we aim to educate high school students on the various careers that exist in healthcare, and we hope to steer them in the appropriate direction through different STEM modules and 1:1 meetings.

Spartan’s Advance Student Interest Group

The Spartan’s Advance SIG works with Winooski High School and aims to help youth navigate the challenges associated with schoolwork, future careers, and everyday life. Using a website we created (, tutoring sessions and workshops, we will work with students and school staff directly to give the students life skills that will help them become the most confident version of themselves. Medical students who participate in the SIG have the opportunity to become a mentor for a Winooski High school student, attend and assist in planned events and workshops, and sign-up for tutoring high school students

Students of Medicine Involved in Local Education - Doctors Ought to Care (SMILE Docs)

SMILE DOCS matches medical students with local elementary school classes to provide a fun learning experience about medicine and the human body. Members visit classes four times each semester and teach children using real pathology specimens, models, and interactive learning activities. SMILE DOCS allows students to interact with the local community in a fun, low stress atmosphere.

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Extracurricular/Student Health & Wellbeing

Athletics Student Interest Group

The purpose of the Athletics SIG is to promote medical student health and wellbeing through exercise and athletic competition. The Athletics SIG will manage and support Larner College of Medicine sports teams and will provide an environment for faculty and students of all classes to socialize outside of the classroom and hospital, and promote the development of professional relationships with our colleagues. We will assume responsibility for athletic events such as the proud annual UVM LCOM tradition of the Specimen Cup honoring former Larner College of Medicine faculty member Bruce Fonda.

Board Games & Beyond Student Interest Group

This is a wellness SIG for people interested in playing any type of tabletop games with their classmates. The goal of this SIG is to facilitate opportunities to socialize and de-stress with fellow classmates over a board game, card game, or other tabletop game.

Choose Sleep Student Interest Group (CSSIG)

CSSIG’s purpose is to generate medical student interest in sleep medicine, a medical sub-specialty which is essential component of disease prevention and related to several fields of specialty care, by exposing students to relevant research, inviting lectures from experienced sleep medicine physicians, and discussing the several career pathways that can lead to sleep medicine. Additionally, we plan to conduct outreach events that teach both UVM and undergraduate UV students proper sleep hygiene in relevance to their schedules.

Climbing Student Interest Group

The UVM Larner Med Climbing SIG is a community of students and faculty who love to climb, whether it is rock, ice, plastic, mountains, or trees. It is a wellness group dedicated to all forms of climbing and for all climbers, regardless of experience. Our goal is to bring together medical students from across different classes to create community, enhance physical wellness, and give members the tools and confidence to take their climbing skills to new heights. Climbing can be an intimidating and complicated sport, a daunting hill to climb even to just get started with equipment and technique. In acknowledgment of this, we aim to provide a safe space where newcomers feel comfortable learning and asking questions, as well as a place for experienced climbers to continue to grow and pass along their knowledge. 

Fermentation Friends

The Fermentation Friends SIG aims to use fermentation and the creation of fermented goods as a way of building a community in LCOM that is centered around preventative health and well-being. We hope to provide opportunities for members to gather, learn, and develop lifelong skills surrounding the art of fermentation. Beyond hosting teaching sessions about how to make fermented goods (kombucha, for example), we also want to contextualize the cultural origins of fermentation and foster a better appreciation of their history. In addition to cultural education, this SIG will also provide opportunities to learn how fermentation is involved in promoting gut health.

Financial Wellness Student Interest Group

Despite high student debt burden and a long time-horizon for training, medical students often don’t get an adequate curricular exposure to personal finance. The unfortunate result is that many of us stumble into the same pitfalls early in our careers that can worsen our professional experience, stress burden, and even our ability to care for our patients.  The Financial Wellness SIG aims to address this gap. We hope to empower Larner students with the skills, tools, and resources to successfully navigate their unique financial realities as medical students and future physicians. We intend to provide financial education opportunities as a student-led initiative to encourage and advocate for financial literacy among our peers. Special attention will invest in topics of note for early career medical professionals – including budgeting, debt management, insurance, investment, and retirement – in a fun and educational context!

Larner Footy Student Interest Group

The purpose of this organization is to allow student with an interest in soccer to get experience and have a structured environment for opportunities to play outside of the IM soccer season. This group would also be for those interested in sports injuries and related topics to sports medicine. This group holds opportunities for people to get together to either watch professional soccer or support their favorite professional teams. For those who may not want to be on the pitch but are pretty good with a controller will have opportunities to compete in FIFA tournaments as well.

LCOM Dog Pack Student Interest Group

Many medical students have dogs who need exercise and socialization. The purpose of this SIG is to have a weekly time for us to bring our dogs for a collective n playdate. Students who love dogs but are not owners are able to attend and get their dog fix in. Additionally, the group is a support network for dog owners to navigate dog ownership in Burlington and potentially coordinate dog care.

Maimonides Society Student Interest Group

The Maimonides Society aims to create a space where individuals of Jewish heritage, as well as those interested in Jewish culture and traditions, can come together to celebrate their shared identity, promote cultural awareness, and engage in meaningful dialogue. This initiative is driven by the belief that embracing diversity enriches the educational experience and contributes to the holistic development of individuals within the LCOM community.

Meditation & Mindfulness Student Interest Group

The mindfulness SIG is a way for students of all experience levels to learn about and practice meditation and mindfulness. We hold weekly meditation sessions before and after class, with tea and time to chat afterwards. Our mission is to create a calm and comfortable space for medical students to look inward and find peace during the day. There are monthly talks with subjects ranging from the neuroscience of mindfulness to different types of mediation. We are dedicated to supporting our fellow students with knowledge and resources for their own mindful journey through medical school, while fostering a community practice that welcomes all students with all levels of experience.

Music Student Interest Group

Through discussion and activities centered on the connection between music and medicine the Music Interest Group (MIG) will educate students about a burgeoning area of research in neuroscience. They will also provide an opportunity for students to connect with other students in a stress-free and fun environment, and showcase their talents in a Coffeehouse performance. Additionally, the Music Interest Group will provide music in the hospital with events like caroling during the holidays.

Running Student Interest Group

The Running and Marathon Team is a team for runners of all levels. We have weekly runs and participate in races in the Burlington area. We aim to bring the medical school and the larger UVM/University of Vermont Medical Center community together by running the Vermont City Marathon and raising money for a deserving cause. In the past, we have raised money for Steps to Wellness, a rehabilitation program for cancer patients and survivors, as well as Never Give Up Ever, a charity aimed at supporting the families of children with chronic illnesses in the Children’s Hospital.

Science Whiz Student Interest Group

The purpose of the Science Whiz SIG is to create a positive connection between medical students at UVM and sick children staying at the hospital. Medical students will perform fun, hands-on, and engaging science experiments with patients at the hospital. The purpose of this program is to engage patients, who may be bored or lonely staying in the hospital, in an educational and meaningful way. Experiment ideas include making slime or putty, exploding little rockets, creating "wizard's potions" or lava lamps, dissecting DNA from strawberries, building toy rocket cards, and more. Medical students will guide patients through these experiments. Patients will have the chance to build, create, and learn about exciting STEM topics.

S.M.A.S.H. M.D. Student Interest Group

Students for Mechanical Augmentation, Social Habit, and Mindful Demeanor”, (S.M.A.S.H. MD for short) is an interclass group of students committed to the formation of comradery between medical students, promotion of student wellness, and developing interest in the changing field of medicine through simulation and technology. We organize student run gaming tournaments, have fun, de-stressing games of the popular game Super Smash Brother’s, and aim to integrate community service through streaming fundraisers and charity work.

Sun Salute Yoga Student Interest Group

We encourage students to care for their physical and mental health by offering a free, weekly evening yoga class on the medical campus. Classes are led by instructors in the Burlington community, mats and blocks are provided, and all levels are encouraged to join!

Table Tennis Student Interest Group

The Table Tennis Student Interest Group is a group dedicated to ensuring students have a chance to practice wellness throughout the day. By having a more organized schedule for playing ping pong, anyone who is interested will be able to learn, practice their skills, and form new friendships. This will all culminate in the “Dean’s Cup,” a single player knockout tournament with the winner earning the chance to play against the Dean of the Medical School, Dr. Rick Page. To quote the dean, “Live long, play pong, and practice winning every day.

Taste Buddies Student Interest Group

Taste Buddies is a group for anyone who enjoys food, cooking, and eating. Some of our annual activities include a maple syrup boil and a backyard brick oven pizza making event at Dr. Low’s. Our goal is to provide UVM medical students with opportunities to expand their culinary experiences and connect with other foodies.

Winter Sports Student Interest Group

The Winter Sports SIG strives to achieve the highest quality of life for the medical students attending the University of Vermont Robert Larner College of Medicine. During the winter months of Vermont when the days are ever short, icy and taxing, the Winter Sports SIG will be a stalwart companion to the audacious medical students who wish to venture out into the cold. We seek to foster community among those who love winter sports, and engage students who may not have had access to winter outdoors.

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