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Wellness Committee Faculty Advisors:Wellness Committee Creemee Night

  • Dr. Alison Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Lee Rosen
  • Dr. Anya Streeter

Wellness Committee Staff Liaison:

Mission Statement: The Wellness Committee is committed to comprehensively promoting the health of LCOM students and fostering a campus-wide culture that prioritizes medical student wellbeing, vulnerability, and interconnection. We work toward these goals by facilitating interactive recreational and educational events, developing lasting wellness initiatives, and serving as an empathetic group of medical students and faculty who LCOM students can turn to for guidance and resources in times of need. 

The Committee serves to promote the health of the student body through educational and recreational events within UVM LCOM. The group runs monthly peer support group meetings, biannual mental health panels, provides confidential one-on-one peer support, and can connect students to mental health resources within the university and the broader community. The committee continuously works to implement new ideas that promote the overall wellbeing of the student body, including monthly free produce, summer and spring Creemee nights, and mindfulness mini-series.

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If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions,
please do not hesitate to reach out to any of your Wellness Committee Representatives.

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Fall 2021 Wellness Highlights:

  • Support Person Creemee Day: Wellness organized free creemee vouchers for medical students to treat their support person to a free creemee!
  • Mental Health Panel: M1s were able to hear from various upperclassmen telling their stories about what resources and techniques they have used to navigate medical school.
  • Winter Sugar Cookie Decorating: To celebrate the end of the semester, students were invited to decorate sugar cookies and listen to holiday music to get into the festive spirit.
  • Resilience Workshop with physician well-being expert: Doug Wysockey-Johnson, who gave a presentation and facilitated conversation around physician/medical student burnout and strategies to build resilience and reconnect with our unique sense of purpose.
  • Monthly Wellness Hour/Peer Support: Wellness Committee leaders facilitated conversation with fellow students around the stresses of medical school, life outside of school, social unrest, and more, opening up a space for meaningful dialogue, vulnerability, and connection. These were especially important gatherings during the COVID 19 pandemic, as many students were lacking social support and opportunities to connect with classmates.


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The Wellness Committee

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