Gary Stein, PhDDirector
Professor, Chair, Biochemistry
(802) 656-6613
Kate Webster, CRA
Administrative Director(802) 656-2137
Administrative Staff
Patricia BosleyAdministrative Assistant(802) 656-4874
Laura Gordon
Office Support Generalist(802) 656-2139
Melissa GamelinRegulatory Specialist(802) 656-9427
Rosie HarrisFinancial Coordinator(802) 656-2967
Sarah KeblinCommunications Manager(802) 656-3099
Jacqueline LawlerCommunications, Education, and Events Coordinator(802) 656-2176
Edward NorthBusiness Support Generalist(802) 656-9450
Steve RenaudFinancial Manager(802) 656-4417
Clinical Research Staff
Elizabeth AbrechtClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-9916 
Robert CadeOncology Pharmacist Clinician(802) 847-5577 
Jennifer DulinClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-9442 
Mia KlonskyResearch Project Assistant(802) 656-9409 
Lynn McCafferty-AlgiereResearch Project Assistant(802) 656-9446 
Karen McQuestenClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-9434 
Anthony MinichielloOncology Research Nurse Supervisor(802) 656-9909 
Prachi PrasadClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-9447 
Shannon PriorClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-2178 
Sara Raboin, PhDClinical Trials Office Manager(802) 656-9452 
Hannah Ross, RNClinical Research Nurse(802) 847-5047 
Meghan StrangeClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-8881 
Nicole Walch, MPHClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-9113 
Jane Walsh, BSClinical Research Coordinator(802) 656-99264666
Karen Wilson, BA, MEd, CCRPClinical Research Supervisor(802) 656-41014670
Core Facilities Staff
Julie DragonInterim Director, Vermont Integrative Genomics Resource (802) 656-7777
Jessica HoffmanResearch Technician, Vermont Integrative Genomics Resource (802) 656-2557
Pheobe KehoeResearch Technician, Vermont Integrative Genomics Resource (802) 656-2557
Jamie LevisLaboratory Coordinator, Clinical Translational Research Lab (802) 656-2411
Jon Ramsey, PhDClinical Translational Research Lab Manager(802) 656-3776
Scott TigheDirector of Technologies & Research Analyst, Vermont Integrative Genomics Resource (802) 656-2557