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UVM pharmacology professor Lounsbury highlighted on Vice's Tonic

April 19, 2017 by Michelle Bookless

During Tonic, a Vice digital channel's, "Weed Week," UVM Larner College of Medicine spoke with reporter AC Shilton about recreational marijuana and medical marijuana research.

Karen Lounsbury, Ph.D., University of Vermont Larner College of Medicine Department of Pharmacology (C) 2011 Raj Chawla / University of Vermont College of Medicine

On April 19, 2017 UVM Larner College of Medicine professor of pharmacology, Karen Lounsbury, Ph.D., spoke with Tonic reporter AC Shilton about recreational and medical marijuana.

Within the article Lounsbury speaks about the difficulties of obtaining funding for medical marijuana research, cannabis versus opioids for pain management, and the trouble with dispensaries. Read more here >>

Tonic is a Vice digital channel focused on "wellness, science and big-picture health issues."