Charles D. MacLean, MDAssociate Dean for Primary Care(802) 656-2179Email
Elizabeth CoteDirector(802) 656-0030Email
Colleen SaffordAssociate Director(802) 656-3611Email
Benjamin Depo, MDAcademic Detailer(802) 847-8354Email
Amanda Kennedy, PharmD, BCPSResearcher and Academic Detailing Program Advisor(802) 656-4560Email
Katherine Mariani, MD, MPH

Premedical Enhancement Program (PEP)
Assistant Professor, Family Medicine

(802) 656-2179Email
Mark Pasanen, MD

Associate Professor, Med-Gen Internal Medicine

Mary Val Palumbo, DNP, APRN Director of Nursing Workforce, Research, Planning & Development(802) 656-0023Email
Richard Pinckney, MD, MPH

Academic Detailer
Associate Professor, Med-Gen Internal Medicine

(802) 656-9622Email
Mimi Reardon, MD, MACPClinical Professor of Medicine, Emeritus (802) 656-2179Email
Gary Starecheski, RPhAcademic Detailer(802) 847-2885Email
Constance O. Van Eeghen, DrPH,MHSA, MBAPractice-Based Quality Improvement Projects(802) 656-8250Email
Marci A. Wood, PharmDAcademic Detailer(802) 656-2179Email
Hannah AdamsProgram Coordinator(802) 656-5538Email
Rebecca DuboisProgram Coordinator (802) 656-2658Email
Jennifer Gaudreau, CPRPPhysician Placement Outreach Professional(800) 442-3531Email
Cynthia KlineBusiness Manager(802) 656-2800Email
Laurie McLeanProgram Specialist(802) 656-2888Email
Alicia PoquetteOffice/Program Support Generalist(802) 656-9297Email
Patti Smith Urie, MAOutreach Professional(802) 656-2654Email