Lab Students - Past and Present 


Students 2016-2021:

Graduate Student: 1
Undergraduate Students: 10
PostBac Students, including PreMed: 4

Honors Thesis

Riona O’Donnell (2022)
Piotr Sowulewski (2020)
Henre Hermanowski (2019)

Lab Awards:

Piotr Sowulewski: 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), UVM
Ashley Coleman: 2018 Summer Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SNURF), UVM
Christopher Aldrighetti: 2017 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), UVM


Riona O’Donnell: UVM Student Research Conference (April 2021)
Maddy Czora: UVM Student Research Conference (April 2021)
Piotr Sowulewski: UVM Student Research Conference (April 2020)
Christopher Aldrighetti: UVM Student Research Conference (April 2018)
Aidan Sullivan: Annual Boston Area Mitosis and Meiosis Meeting (Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, MA, May 2018)
Ashley Coleman: Presentation at UVM (August 2018)

Where are they now?

Here are couple of examples of where past lab members are in the Fall of 2021.

Christopher Aldrighetti: Clinical Research Coordinator II - Department of Radiation Oncology - MGH (MA)
Ashley Colleman: Research Assistant at the Department of Biochemistry – Villanova University (PA)
Henre Hermanowski: Royal Veterinary College of London (UK)
Barbara Huebert/Racine: Graduate student - University of Nebraska-Lincoln (NE)
Jenna Hurley: Research Associate III, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (MA)
Mary Liesenberg: Deputy Chief, Inpatient Adult Behavioral Health at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (VA)
Shae Rowlandson: Resident Physician at UConn Health (CT)
Piotr Sowulewski: Combat Medic Specialist at Vermont Army National Guard
Aidan Sullivan: SPARC Research Analyst - MBF Bioscience (VT)
Bryce Wallis: Graduate student at University of Utah (UT)