Monthly Grand Rounds 

Held at 1:00 pm on Wednesday in Davis Auditorium (unless noted otherwise in schedule)


If no monthly link above, please check the weekly conference schedule below for detailed information.

Pathology Weekly Conference Schedule


Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Conferences


AP Slide Unknowns 1st & 3rd MONDAY Block Trainer 12:00
Consensus Unknowns 4th MONDAY Block Trainer 12:00
Frozen Unknowns 2nd MONDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
GI – Lower, Tumor Board 1st & 3rd MONDAY Month Trainer 7:30
GI – Upper, Tumor Board 2nd & 4th MONDAY Month Trainer 7:30
Renal Bx 4th MONDAY Month 10 headed 12:30
Lung MDC Weekly MONDAY Weekly Trainer 13:00
GYN Colposcopy 2nd and 4th TUESDAY Month 10 headed 12:30
CP Conference Weekly TUESDAY Weekly Trainer 12:00
Cytopathology Weekly TUESDAY Weekly 10 headed 7:30
GI – Endo Weekly TUESDAY Weekly Trainer 11:00
GI - Liver 2nd & 4th WEDNESDAY Month Radiology Conf. Room 16:30
GI – Peds 2nd & 4th WEDNESDAY Month SP Sign-Out Room 15:30
Neuromuscular Conference 4th WEDNESDAY Month 10 Headed 12:00
Radiology – Pathology 2nd WEDNESDAY Month Radiology Education 12:00
Autopsy Gross Weekly WEDNESDAY Weekly Morgue 15:30
Autopsy Micro Weekly WEDNESDAY Weekly 10 Headed 15:00
NP Brain Cutting Weekly WEDNESDAY Weekly Morgue 7:30
Pathology Grand Rounds Weekly WEDNESDAY Weekly Davis Auditorium 13:00
Attending Slide Session 3rd THURSDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Genitourinary (GU) Tumor Board 2nd and 4th THURSDAY Block Trainer 7:30
Gross 1st THURSDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Kalof Conference 3rd THURSDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Lymph Node Conference 4th THURSDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Trainer Conference 2nd THURSDAY Block 10 Headed 12:00
Derm Journal Club 1st, 3rd, 5th THURSDAY Month Trainer 15:30
ENT Pathology Conference 1st THURSDAY Month 10 headed 7:30
ENT TDT 2nd THURSDAY Month ENT Conf. Room 11:00
ENT Teaching Conference 3rd THURSDAY Month ENT Conf. Room 7:30
GYN 1st & 3rd THURSDAY Month Trainer 7:30
NeuroPath MDC 1st & 3rd THURSDAY Month Trainer 8:30
Pulmonary Conference 1st THURSDAY Month Austin Conference 12:00
Sarcoma MDC 2nd & 4th THURSDAY Month Trainer 16:00
Breast Weekly THURSDAY Weekly Trainer 12:00
CPC Conference Thursdays THURSDAY Weekly Trainer 15:00
Urology Teaching Weekly THURSDAY Weekly Trainer 7:00
AP | CP Journal Club 2nd FRIDAY Block Trainer 12:00
IHC Seminar 1st FRIDAY Block Trainer 12:00
Resident Lunch 4th FRIDAY Block Varies 12:00
Resident Mini Symposium 3rd FRIDAY Block 10 headed 12:00
Endocrine Conference 4th FRIDAY Month Endocrine 9:00
HOT (Heme, Onc, Tumor) 4th & 5th FRIDAY Month Trainer 12:00
Derm Melanoma Fridays FRIDAY Weekly 10 headed 7:30
Derm Path Conference Fridays FRIDAY Weekly Trainer 8:00
Derm Slide Review Fridays FRIDAY Weekly 10 Headed 9:00