Faculty and Staff

NameTitleDivisionSpecialty / SubspecialtyInformation
Leonard_Debra_HDebra G. B. Leonard, M.D., Ph.D.Chair / ProfessorClinical PathologyMolecular Genetic Pathology
Email |BioPubMed  (802) 847-6124
Emeritus Faculty

NameTitleDivisionSpecialty / SubspecialtyInformation
Bovill_Ted_150Edwin G. Bovill, M.D.Professor EmeritusEmeritus
Email | Bio
Bryant_Ron_150Ronald J. Bryant, M.D.Associate ProfessorEmeritusHematopathologyEmail | Bio 
Hardin_NicholasNicholas J. Hardin, M.D.Professor Emeritus Emeritus
AutopsyEmail | Bio
Heintz_150Nicholas H. Heintz, Ph.D.Professor EmeritusEmeritus
Research: redox signaling to develop new therapeutic approaches to treat malignant mesothelioma and other solid tumor typesEmail | Bio | (802) 656-0372
Sally HuberSally A. Huber, Ph.D.Professor EmeritusEmeritus
Research: how virus infections trigger the development of autoimmunityEmail | BioLab | (802) 656-8944
Lunde_John_150John H. Lunde, M.D.Professor EmeritusEmeritusHematopathologyEmail | Bio
Brooke MossmanBrooke T. Mossman, Ph.D.Professor EmeritusEmeritus
Research: asbestos induced diseasesEmail | Bio | (802) 656-0382
Pendlebury_William_150William W. Pendlebury, M.D.Professor EmeritusEmeritus / Anatomic Pathology
NeuropathologyEmail | Bio | (802) 656-0383
Sharp_GregoryGregory H. Sharp, M.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus
Emeritus / Clinical Pathology
ChemistryEmail | Bio
Thomas TrainerThomas Trainer, M.D.Professor EmeritusEmeritus / Anatomic Pathology
Surgical PathologyEmail | Bio
Waters_Brenda_HBrenda L. Waters, M.D.Associate Professor EmeritusEmeritus
Autopsy, Pediatric & Perinatal PathologyEmail | Bio