Group 1: Improving Treatment (Video)

Presenter: Anthony Eller, MPH
Strengthening Systems of Care for People with Substance Use Disorders and People with or at High Risk for HIV (Project MOHRE) (PDF)
Anthony Eller, MPH Conference Poster




Nathaniel Moxley-Kelly, BA
Using Attendance-Based Monetary Incentives to Increase Attendance to Prolonged Exposure Therapy Sessions in Individuals with Concurrent OUD and PTSD (PDF)

Nathan Moxley-Kelly Conference Poster 2020




Presenter: Mitchell Garets, BSW
Opioid Use Disorder Stigma & Barriers to Pregnancy Care and Treatment in Rural Communities ( PDF)

Mitchell Garets 2020 Conference Poster


Presenter: Christopher J Brady, MD, MHS
Teleretinal Diabetic Retinopathy Screening is Cost-Saving in a Rural Accountable Care Organization (PDF)

Christopher Brady 2020 Conference Poster

Group 2: Smoking (Video)

Presenter: Thomas Geist, MS 
Development and Validation of the Smoker Self-Stigma Questionnaire (SSSQ)

Thomas Geist 2020 Conference Poster



Presenter: Carolyn Evemy, BS 
Exploring the influence of rural status on sociodemographic, behavioral, and psychosocial characteristics of smoking during pregnancy (PDF)

Carolyn Evemy 2020 Conference Poster




Presenter: Rhiannon C. Wiley, BA 
Urban and Rural Differences in Smoking Behavior Among Vulnerable Populations during the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF)

Rhiannon Wiley 2020 Conference Poster





Presenter: Emily Pomichter, BA
Mediation and Moderation of Smoking and Vaping Expectancies on the Association between Depression and Weight Concerns with Nicotine Dependence (PDF)

Emily Pomichter 2020 Conference Poster

Group 3: Marijuana (Video)

Presenter Karen Tang, BA 
Increasing Addiction Service Access for Rural Populations in North America: The Screening, Self Management, and Referral to Treatment (SSMRT) Resource Platform (PDF)

Karen Tang 2020 Conference Poster



Presenter Chelsea Pike
Prenatal and During Pregnancy Cannabis Use: Association with Perceived Risks and Benefits and Delay Discounting (PDF)

Chelsea Pike 2020 Conference Poster



Presenter Michael Sofis, PhD
Initial Evaluation of Domain-Specific Episodic Future Thinking on Delay Discounting and Cannabis Use (PDF)

Michael Sofis 2020 Conference Poster


Presenter Julia C. West, BA
Knowledge of state marijuana policy as a measure of exposure to changes in legal status (PDF)

Julia West 2020 Conference Poster