Leica-Aperio VERSA 8 whole slide scanner

Leica Whole Slide ScannerThe highly versatile Leica-Aperio VERSA 8 is an automated scanning microscope and image generation scanning system. Some of its features include: integrated brightfield and fluorescence scanner; two high quality CMOS cameras for brightfield or fluorescence image acquisition; batch set-up and automation for unsupervised scanning of up to 8 slides; fluorescent scanning of up to 7 fluorophores/slide; and a wide range of Leica quality objective lenses (1.25, 5, 10, 20, 40, and 63X). Software allows low magnification overview of an entire sample, with high resolution “zoom in” feature to analyze cellular features.

Here is the link to ImageScope - Pathology Slide Viewing Software for the Whole Slide Imager (VERSA) in a download format.


CD34 staining on TMA

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